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*Official* CW XI in England and UK


Hall of Fame Member
All interesting, but doesnt explain why I was dropped.

The last 2 ODI series CW has played in (against WI and Bang) I was the leading wickettaker across all teams in each of them.

I was the leading wickettaker in Season 12 with an average of 11

I bowled decent in the 1st ODI and the 20/20 on the England tour.

So apart from bowling poorly in the 2nd ODI I cant see how its possible make the arguement to drop me, and if that is the reason then its a ****ty one.

Over the past season and a half I have been the premier OD seamer in CWLand. To get cast aside after 1 poor game is shambolic.

Anyway, thats it from me. We can continue over MSN if you want. Also remember, I think it was a shocker of a decision with zero basis in logic but Im not angry really :)


Cricketer Of The Year
Urgh. Terrible series on my behalf. I can't help but feel that Cook was ripped off wrt Man of the Match.


International Debutant
I bowled ****, again.

Sigh, off to the CW Red pastures to graze.

Unlucky Goughy, you'll be playing next game im sure mate.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
****, wasn't a no-ball. :@

Agree with Goughy re: being dropped. Harsh move, especially considering he wasn't the only bowler to cop some stick in match 2.


Cricketer Of The Year
1 ****ing bad game in a career and you get ****ing dropped and labelled a villain. Well I never :@

Talk about fickle selectors. A career ODI bowling average of 26 and bowled well in the 1st ODI and the 20/20. Way to overreact.

I expect to see every batsman that gets a duck or any other player that has 1 bad game dropped as well
Jesus, settle down. It was surprising that you were dropped, but that's a poor attitude to have.

Anyway... a day to forget for the bowlers there. :blink:

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Gough returns for Ireland match

Perhaps admitting error, the CW XI selectors recalled Kev Gough to the lineup for the match against Ireland. It is a full strength team that faces the minnows, as the Webheads look to rebound from a disappointing series loss against England.

Cricket Web XI
JE Stedman
AP Chaulk
AP Cloete
CR Butler
RJ Dauth
AJ Crampton (wk)
LA Camps
TC Halsey
KR Clapham
KJ Gough
NS Pickup

12th Man: DJ Watt

WTS Porterfield
EJG Morgan
AC Botha
NJ O'Brien (wk)
KJ O'Brien
AR Cusack
DT Johnston (c)
D Langford-Smith
WK McCallan
WB Rankin
GE Kidd

12th Man: MJ Fourie

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Spirited Ireland almost upset lackadaisical CW XI
Cricket Web XI vs Ireland - Clontarf Cricket Ground

Ball by Ball

Ireland fell a tragic 7 runs short of a dramatic upset at Clontarf Cricket Ground. Cricket Web XI, still in a tailspin from two shocking defeats to England looked a very flawed side in barely hanging on for a crucial win. The batsmen sparkled and wavered and amassed 283-8 on a slow pitch offering some turn for the limited Ireland spin attack. But the bowlers struggled again and a very defendable total was put to the test by the unlikely opposition batting.

CW XI pressed out of the blocks with a conservative ease before Ash Chaulk took command of the innings for a period with 51 from 44 balls. His two sixes were clear highlights of the game, and he was only dismissed by exceptional fielding and a direct hit run out. Driving consistently with perfection, Chris Butler continued his run as the best ODI batsman for his team, notching another fine half-century in quick time. But for the fourth game running he gave away his hand after putting together a good innings. This time he skied the ball to the deep immediately after his first milestone.

Much of the work was then left to wicketkeeper Alex Crampton, who had threatened to inspire a dramatic CW XI victory in the third match against England. Again he looked in classic touch and displayed it with orthodox strokes, hardly erring to less likely selections while striking seven boundaries in 63. At the other end was a more frustrating view. Rob Dauth did not time the ball fluently. He did not find the gaps at will, though he contributed a handy 39 before lobbing a slower ball back at Botha. A couple of slogged boundaries by Kingsley Clapham got the crowd going, and importantly snuck the score closer to 300.

But while 284 stood and imposing task, it seemed to supply a sense of hope, perhaps expectation, to the Ireland batsmen. They faced up to a 7-ball over from Kev Gough first up, and took 9 runs from it. Gough bowled 2 noballs and 3 wides in his first 3 overs, while Ireland raced to 51-0 after 9. The first wicket went to Clapham - a leading edge to mid-off - sending Eion Morgan back for a promising 31. The breakthrough slowed the innings momentarily, allowing pressure to build as the demands of the chase intensified. Such pressure resulted in a misjudgment from Porterfield, bowled by Pickup leaving alone to a big legbreak. But for the second time in as many games, CW XI were robbed by the line. Pickup had overstepped by inches.

In raising his fifty, Porterfield edged Pickup for four past a lone first slip. The incident came as Ireland conspired to score 27 runs from 3 overs of spin. Chris Butler was summoned to the attack and to provide the breakthrough of Botha, lbw for 28, with his second ball. Gough had returned at the other end and looked much improved. His passion was never in question, and it came to the fore in celebration of the wicket of Kevin O'Brien (1). He would have had Niall too, if not for the terrible misjudgement of Halsey at midwicket. Extras and runs continued to flow, though when Niall O'Brien was bowled by Pickup, the required rate had moved over 7.

The sloppiness continued to spread when Trent Johnston miscued a slower ball from Camps to long-on and saw Gough drop a sitter. But that was the least costly mistake on the day. Johnston scored just 4, out to Halsey. So Kyle McCallan and Alex Cusack needed to address a chase of 70 runs from the final 49 balls. They did so by attacking Halsey and taking 15 runs from an 8-ball over, including a noball which Cusack belted for six over midwicket. But it seemed the luck had run out when CW XI struck twice in successive overs and removed both batsmen. Ireland then went nine down at the fall of Boyd Rankin, caught smartly at short extra cover off Gough. So with 4 overs remaining the demand was 36, and then a closer 33 from 18 balls. It seemed CW XI had done enough to win the game, but three lusty blows by Langford-Smith questioned the theory.

It was the ultimate statement of faith when Neil Pickup gave the ball to Kev Gough with Ireland 12 runs short of their target and just an over left. To that point he had given up 7 extra deliveries, including a wide that went for four, and dropped a catch in the deep. Gough took his time and steamed to produce his best over on tour thus far - six yorkers, all at high pace. It was a predictable tactic, but one that the last two Ireland batsmen were never prepared to deal with. Only 4 runs came of the over.

Cricket Web 283-8 (50 overs)
AJ Crampton 63 (60), AP Chaulk 51 (44), CR Butler 51 (54)
AC Botha 3-53 (10), AR Cusack 1-20 (8)

Ireland 276-9 (50 overs)
WTS Porterfield 65 (77), NJ O'Brien 41 (43), AR Cusack 35 (44)
TC Halsey 2-54 (8), KJ Gough 2-56 (10)

Cricket Web XI won by 7 runs.
Man of the Match: AR Cusack


Hall of Fame Member
Lucky we went full strength or that could have been embrassing. Really need to start playing better as team pretty soon. A few good indiviual performance here and there but no real great signs of improvements. The loses of Hoy, Markus and Goff are really starting to show.


International Regular
As usual, enjoyed Tharmi's overly positive comments ;)

A win's a win, really. Wasn't pretty in the bowling department again, but got over the line.