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*Official* CW 'A' in Caribbean/North America

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
To prevent more asterisks:

Stedman not picked for 50-over games
Selectors 'know he can score against non-international opposition'
Season 14 dominants key part of squad

The CWBCC today announced the revised plans for the tour of North America and the Caribbean, as well as the 16-man squad for the one-day leg. Of recent international call-ups, Ben Read, Nick Scott, Sam Morris and Andy Maina have all been given chances to strengthen their name in the limited-overs format, but James Stedman was absent from the list of names. CWBCC press spokesman Sme-Ja Noxin noted that "Stedman has pummelled opposition of this level for years now - what he needed to do was to show it at a higher level. He never quite managed that, so now he needs to wait for the incumbents to to play themselves out of the squad."

On the bowling side, there's recognition for most of the leading wicket-takers for last season, with Martin West, Nathan Spinks, Andy Maina and Nath Patrick all in the 16-man team. Martyn Corrin remains captain, while Ryan Dunn has been retained in the 'A' squad despite being dropped from the Colts playing eleven due to lack of form.

-Batsmen (8)-
JJ Ritchie [CW Black]
NG Scott [CW Green]
AJ Blackman [CW Black]
MD Luff [CW Red]
PE Young [CW Blue] (occ wk)
SC Morris [CW Blue]
RJ Dauth [CW Red]
BS Read [CW Green] (wk)

-Allrounders (2)-
M Corrin (c) [CW Green]
BC Donald [CW Black]

-Bowlers (6)-
NL Patrick [CW Black]
KS Wright [CW Colts]
MP West [CW Red]
NB Spinks [CW Colts]
AEK Maina [CW Blue]
RG Dunn [CW Colts]

The provisional revised schedule:

Sunday 4 January
vs Trinidad and Tobago - OD @ Guaracara Park, Trinidad

Monday 5 January
vs Jamaica - OD @ Sabina Park, Jamaica

Tuesday 6 January
vs Canada - OD @ Sky Dome

Thursday 8 January
vs Canada - Twenty20 @ Sky Dome

Friday 9 January
vs West Indies 'A' - 1st OD @ Toronto Cricket, Curling and Skating Club

Sunday 11 January
vs West Indies 'A' - 2nd OD @ Toronto Cricket, Curling and Skating Club

Tuesday 13 January
vs West Indies 'A' - 3rd OD @ Toronto Cricket, Curling and Skating Club

Thursday 15 January
vs Canada - 'A' Test @ Toronto Cricket, Curling and Skating Club

Friday 16 January
vs USA - 1st 'A' Test @ Brian Piccolo Park, Florida

Sunday 18 January
vs USA - 2nd 'A' Test @ Brian Piccolo Park, Florida

Monday 19 January
vs USA - OD @ Brian Piccolo Park, Florida
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Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
Young West Indies players alighting tour games
Taylor, Ramdin, Pollard, Marshall, Findlay, Miller all released

A decent crowd is expected to see Trinidad and Tobago's young guns unleashed on Cricket Web 'A' at Pointe-a-Pierre tomorrow. A number of the most talented batsmen in the West Indies region will play in both of the warmup tour games in Trinidad and Jamaica, the last of the Caribbean leg of the tour, and both teams field a near first eleven. Most of the Jamaican veterans - Gayle, Nash and Powell - will skip the clashes, however, as the WICB think they have already got the experience of playing high class foreign opposition.

Trinidad and Tobago XII: Adrian Barath, Darren Bravo, Mervyn Dillon, Daren Ganga (c), Amit Jaggernauth, Richard Kelly, Dave Mohammed, William Perkins, Kieron Pollard, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Ravi Rampaul, Lendl Simmons

Jamaica XII: Carlton Baugh (wk), David Bernard, Shawn Findlay, Danza Hyatt, Tamar Lambert (c), Xavier Marshall, Horace Miller, Nikita Miller, Brenton Parchment, Andrew Richardson, Krishnar Santokie, Jerome Taylor
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International Regular
Played two "Tests" scored 108 runs@36.00 and took 11 wickets@17.91 then catch a plane back home. Happy I brought my game with me


Y no Afghanistan flag
Are non-active people still considered for these squads?

Being realistic I didn't deserve a one day berth, it just annoys me that I bat so fast in the four day game, but can't translate that into OD matches.


Y no Afghanistan flag
Depends how non-active. :ph34r:

Generally don't do activity checks between seasons though, so if they were active in the end of last season they're considered.
Oh OK.

I wish there was [if not already] a section where it has all listed players with the team they play for and their CW username.


International Captain
Over the moon to be selected.

Looking to do my best.

Hoping to improve from my previous record of 76 @ 25.33.
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State Regular
Crucial series here for me personally. Need to keep the scoreboard ticking over to impress for the First XI