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***Official*** Australia in India 2012/13


Global Moderator
Warner's average woulda been 40+ going into the series, wouldn't it?
Yeah, indeed. In fact, Warner was averaging a bit over 40 going into this test. A duck and 8 pushes him down to 39-odd, however.

Convenient for the point I'm trying to make, anyway, so I used it. :p
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International Coach
yeah siddle was the best bowler in the fourth innings in mohali ffs

understandable that watson would miss it though


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No sir, that's just your version of the truth. I do not recollect one post from you commending Vijay for his immense patience and the runs he delivered in this series, yet you chose to cut into him the moment he had a bad innings. Yes it was a horrible shot, but you said, "This is why we don't rate him",

We? You are referring to yourself in the plural? Come on.

Anyways I don't want to prolong this. You're the one empowered with the ban button.
Nah, if you'd have simply said something along the lines of the bolded part then it'd be alright, because PEWS saying he doesn't rate him for the one stupid shot (and really stupid tbf) he's played to get himself out this series after his solid and patient innings this series isn't being fair to him.

If you had done only that, I'm sure PEWS would respond to you in defence and there'd a decent and perhaps civil debate, but instead you decided to bring up Warner just because he supports Australia, a point which was completely irrelevant and definitely didn't deserve a proper reply.