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[Not so] Huge statistical analysis on greatest ODI batsman and bowlers ranked


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S Rajesh does simpler and therefore better analyses. Here's one on ODI batsmen.


It's dated and rankings will look different now. Don't think Dhoni will hold on to his #2 spot and of course Kohli and ABD will feature near the top.
Refreshing this wouldn't be that hard I suppose. I will give it a shot over the weekend.
Here are the refreshed results. Some differences from the original analysis:

  1. I used only matches between 15 teams for both player stats in consideration and for calculating benchmark stats. The 15 teams are: 12 test playing nations plus Asia XI, Africa XI and ICC world XI.
  2. I limited exercise to batsmen who scored 2000+ runs at 30+ average against the 15 teams to limit the amount of data I am handling. This yielded a list of 158 batsmen.
  3. I calculated benchmark stats for years that a player was active in rather than between precise dates of first and last match. So benchmark period for Tendulkar starts on 01 Jan 1989 and ends on 31 Dec 2012. I did this because I couldn't download a list of above 158 batsmen with their first and last match dates.

The file with full analysis can be found here: ODI Batsmen Analysis

List of top 50 Batsmen below:

RankPlayerAvgSRAvg x SRBenchmark
Avg x SR
Quality Ratio
1IVA Richards47.0090.2042.3929.3566.0719.392.19
2Zaheer Abbas47.8485.0440.6828.8364.9918.742.17
3AB de Villiers53.42100.3953.6333.4681.5727.291.96
4V Kohli59.4093.3455.4434.3183.6328.691.93
5MG Bevan54.4274.3140.4430.9872.6322.501.80
6MEK Hussey48.9286.9442.5332.3378.3525.331.68
7GS Chappell40.1875.7030.4228.6364.2218.381.65
8JC Buttler41.41119.5149.4935.0885.2829.911.65
9DM Jones44.6172.5632.3729.9066.7619.961.62
10JM Bairstow46.19102.9247.5434.8684.6929.521.61
11MS Dhoni50.3187.4544.0033.6081.5927.421.60
12SR Tendulkar43.5285.6537.2731.4174.0023.241.60
13L Klusener40.2489.9136.1830.9773.1222.641.60
14RG Sharma49.3188.9543.8634.1683.1528.411.54
15A Symonds39.3092.8736.5031.5475.3823.771.54
16HM Amla49.5788.3143.7834.2483.5128.591.53
17DA Warner46.0195.5743.9734.5084.0028.981.52
18Babar Azam54.5287.0447.4535.9587.2831.381.51
19CG Greenidge45.0364.9229.2329.3566.0719.391.51
20AJ Lamb39.3175.5429.6929.7466.6619.821.50
21AC Gilchrist35.7997.3434.8431.3674.4923.361.49
22JE Root51.9987.1545.3135.3786.0530.441.49
23ML Hayden43.5878.4234.1831.2273.5822.971.49
24IJL Trott51.0576.7339.1733.0380.4826.581.47
25V Sehwag34.57103.5635.8031.8976.5624.421.47
26Saeed Anwar39.2280.7731.6830.7571.0421.851.45
27JJ Roy42.50107.2845.5936.0687.4131.521.45
28S Dhawan44.7393.8141.9634.7384.2929.281.43
29RT Ponting42.3280.3834.0231.6475.5523.901.42
30LRPL Taylor47.9582.8939.7533.9782.5028.031.42
31BC Lara40.2279.0931.8131.0672.5722.541.41
32Javed Miandad41.7067.0127.9429.7267.0019.911.40
33F du Plessis46.7888.0841.2034.7784.5529.401.40
34Q de Kock44.8195.1542.6435.3786.0530.441.40
35MD Crowe38.5572.6328.0029.9067.0220.041.40
36DR Martyn40.3377.6731.3230.9772.4022.421.40
37KP Pietersen40.7886.9235.4532.4578.6625.531.39
38DA Miller40.27100.6040.5134.7384.2929.281.38
39DS Lehmann38.9280.8931.4831.1073.6022.891.38
40SR Watson39.4589.5035.3132.6379.0525.791.37
41ME Trescothick37.4185.1831.8731.3474.3523.311.37
42ME Waugh38.7976.8029.7930.7970.8921.821.37
43WJ Cronje38.3176.1429.1730.5870.5321.561.35
44GJ Maxwell32.32123.3739.8735.0885.2829.911.33
45MJ Clarke43.9878.3634.4632.6779.2625.901.33
46DL Haynes41.3763.0926.1029.6766.2919.671.33
47G Gambhir39.0385.3233.3032.2377.9825.131.32
48KS Williamson47.2981.5738.5734.7384.2929.281.32
49NH Fairbrother38.7972.2628.0330.5469.7021.291.32
50RA Smith39.0169.6527.1730.2968.1920.651.32
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Whatever it takes!!!
I think you do have factor in longevity and number of games etc and then stuff like conditions but a great attempt. :) And I know you are only refreshing a methodology already done. Just don't like a rating that will consider Bairstow better than Rohit Sharma, forget Sachin Tendulkar. :)


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Yeah not pleased with the result. Can add longevity factor in form of log of career runs. Will try later.


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Top 50 after multiplying quality score with longevity factor which is calculated as log (span in years +1) *

RankPlayerAvg x SRBenchmark
Avg x SR
Quality RatioLongevity
Quality Score
1IVA Richards42.3919.392.191.262.74
2Zaheer Abbas40.6818.742.171.112.42
3AB de Villiers53.6327.291.961.182.31
4SR Tendulkar37.2723.241.601.402.24
5V Kohli55.4428.691.931.152.21
6MS Dhoni44.0027.421.601.231.97
7MG Bevan40.4422.501.801.081.94
8Javed Miandad27.9419.911.401.361.91
9GS Chappell30.4218.381.651.151.90
10CG Greenidge29.2319.391.511.261.89
11ML Hayden34.1822.971.491.231.83
12RT Ponting34.0223.901.421.281.82
13RG Sharma43.8628.411.541.181.82
14BC Lara31.8122.541.411.281.80
15V Sehwag35.8024.421.471.201.77
16DM Jones32.3719.961.621.081.75
17Saeed Anwar31.6821.851.451.201.75
18ST Jayasuriya29.2623.131.261.381.75
19PA de Silva27.8321.431.301.321.72
20A Symonds36.5023.771.541.111.71
21AC Gilchrist34.8423.361.491.151.71
22LRPL Taylor39.7528.031.421.201.71
23HM Amla43.7828.591.531.111.71
24DA Warner43.9728.981.521.111.69
25DR Martyn31.3222.421.401.201.68
26MEK Hussey42.5325.331.681.001.68
27TM Dilshan33.1625.261.311.281.68
28A Ranatunga27.3320.821.311.281.68
29JH Kallis31.4124.371.291.301.68
30JM Bairstow47.5429.521.611.041.68
31DL Haynes26.1019.671.331.261.67
32ME Waugh29.7921.821.371.201.64
33MD Crowe28.0020.041.401.181.64
35Imran Khan24.2719.441.251.301.62
36AJ Lamb29.6919.821.501.081.62
37SR Watson35.3125.791.371.181.61
38CH Gayle31.1426.081.191.341.60
39L Klusener36.1822.641.601.001.60
40M Azharuddin27.2421.
41JC Buttler49.4929.911.650.951.58
42CL Hooper27.3721.771.261.261.58
43SC Ganguly29.0322.671.281.231.58
44KC Sangakkara32.4525.351.281.231.58
45Yuvraj Singh31.6025.881.221.281.56
46Saleem Malik25.3720.821.221.281.56
47S Dhawan41.9629.281.431.081.55
48S Chanderpaul28.6023.701.211.281.54
49GA Gooch22.7619.701.161.321.53
50MJ Clarke34.4625.901.331.151.53

* Chosen mainly for ease of calculation.
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Whatever it takes!!!
Years is a good measure but I would say you have to look at the number of matches too to be completely accurate. This list looks much better thant he first one though for sure.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Pretty amazing how badly modern batsmen are penalised in the standardisation.


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Did this for bowlers. Standardized Avg x ER (divided by 6). Shortlist criteria was 80+ wickets at under 40 average which yielded 170 bowlers.

The file with full analysis can be found here: ODI Bowlers Analysis

Top 50 bowlers without longevity adjustment:

RankPlayerAvgERAvg x ERBenchmark
Avg x ER
Quality Ratio
1Rashid Khan18.404.1112.6034.985.3831.390.40
2J Garner18.853.109.7430.214.0520.410.48
3Saeed Ajmal22.924.1916.0133.355.0928.270.57
4Sir RJ Hadlee21.503.3411.9730.684.1121.010.57
5SE Bond21.134.3315.2532.954.8726.750.57
6GD McGrath22.503.9114.6632.834.6425.410.58
7MA Holding21.373.3311.8630.134.0520.360.58
8JJ Bumrah24.434.5618.5734.975.3831.340.59
9CEL Ambrose24.433.5114.2932.604.4324.090.59
10SM Pollock25.003.7215.5032.854.7125.820.60
11M Muralitharan23.793.9615.7032.834.7125.800.61
12AME Roberts20.363.4011.5428.803.9018.700.62
13Saqlain Mushtaq21.884.2915.6432.704.6125.110.62
14SP Narine26.474.1318.2233.535.1728.890.63
15Mustafizur Rahman23.055.2220.0535.145.3931.580.63
16AA Donald22.364.1915.6132.604.5224.550.64
17BAW Mendis22.324.9018.2333.355.0928.270.64
18MA Starc22.665.1219.3434.105.2229.690.65
19Wasim Akram24.103.9115.7132.394.4524.010.65
20TM Alderman23.363.6614.2531.214.1821.730.66
21Imran Tahir25.084.6719.5234.055.2429.710.66
22DK Lillee20.833.5812.4328.833.8918.710.66
23CG Rackemann22.353.9414.6831.334.1921.880.67
24NW Bracken24.394.4318.0132.904.8226.460.68
25PS de Villiers27.483.5616.3032.604.3723.770.69
26TA Boult25.485.0521.4534.415.2930.320.71
27A Flintoff24.864.4518.4432.784.7726.050.71
28Kuldeep Yadav26.265.1322.4535.335.3831.690.71
29YS Chahal26.195.0922.2234.975.3831.340.71
30CJ McKay24.444.8419.7133.055.0527.810.71
31LL Tsotsobe24.624.7719.5733.025.0127.590.71
32B Lee23.694.8018.9532.944.8326.530.71
33CJ McDermott24.784.0416.6932.184.2923.000.73
34K Rabada27.345.0022.7834.985.3831.390.73
35EJ Chatfield25.843.5815.4230.894.1221.190.73
36SK Warne25.874.2618.3732.814.6025.180.73
37M Ntini24.884.6019.0732.904.7726.150.73
38MD Marshall26.963.5415.9131.294.1621.720.73
39MG Johnson25.324.8620.5133.335.0327.950.73
40DW Steyn25.884.8921.0933.695.1228.720.73
41JN Gillespie26.684.2318.8132.894.6725.590.74
42M Morkel25.205.0121.0433.455.1228.550.74
43DW Fleming25.444.4518.8732.954.5424.960.76
44WPUJC Vaas27.904.2119.5832.894.6825.650.76
45D Gough26.654.4119.5932.924.6425.470.77
46MJ Henry26.495.4123.8934.695.3630.980.77
47C Pringle23.874.4517.7032.264.2622.920.77
48Mohammed Shami25.425.5923.6834.515.3230.600.77
49Waqar Younis24.164.7219.0132.574.5024.430.78
50N Kapil Dev27.453.7217.0231.354.1621.740.78
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Top 50 with longevity adjustment:

RankPlayerAvg x ERBenchmark
Avg x ER
Quality RatioLongevity
Quality Ratio
1J Garner9.7420.410.481.080.44
2RJ Hadlee11.9721.010.571.280.45
3M Muralitharan15.7025.800.611.300.47
4GD McGrath14.6625.410.581.200.48
5Wasim Akram15.7124.010.651.320.49
6Rashid Khan12.6031.390.400.780.52
7CEL Ambrose14.2924.090.591.150.52
8MA Holding11.8620.360.581.110.52
9SM Pollock15.5025.820.601.150.52
10AA Donald15.6124.550.641.150.55
11SE Bond15.2526.750.571.000.57
12Saeed Ajmal16.0128.270.570.950.59
13DK Lillee12.4318.710.661.110.60
14MA Starc19.3429.690.651.080.60
15TM Alderman14.2521.730.661.080.61
16DW Steyn21.0928.720.731.200.61
17AME Roberts11.5418.700.621.000.62
18Saqlain Mushtaq15.6425.110.621.000.62
19B Lee18.9526.530.711.150.62
20N Kapil Dev17.0221.740.781.260.62
21Imran Khan17.3421.300.811.300.63
22WPUJC Vaas19.5825.650.761.200.63
23SK Warne18.3725.180.731.150.64
24MD Marshall15.9121.720.731.150.64
25DL Vettori22.4226.840.841.300.64
26Waqar Younis19.0124.430.781.200.65
27CJ McDermott16.6923.000.731.110.65
28M Ntini19.0726.150.731.110.65
29KD Mills21.5227.270.791.200.66
30A Flintoff18.4426.050.711.080.66
31Imran Tahir19.5229.710.661.000.66
32M Morkel21.0428.550.741.110.66
33Shoaib Akhtar20.6626.310.791.180.67
34CG Rackemann14.6821.880.671.000.67
35D Gough19.5925.470.771.150.67
36EJ Chatfield15.4221.190.731.080.67
37BAW Mendis18.2328.270.640.950.68
38CA Walsh19.8823.840.831.230.68
39MG Johnson20.5127.950.731.080.68
40NW Bracken18.0126.460.681.000.68
41Shakib Al Hasan23.1028.740.801.180.68
42GP Swann21.6026.600.811.180.69
43GB Hogg20.7625.820.801.150.70
44JN Gillespie18.8125.590.741.040.71
45TA Boult21.4530.320.711.000.71
46IT Botham19.0121.350.891.260.71
47Harbhajan Singh24.6326.910.921.280.72
48A Kumble23.5325.130.941.280.73
49Mohammad Amir23.5529.410.801.080.74
50MF Maharoof23.7827.940.851.150.74
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Can a mod change the title of the thread to indicate it has analysis for both batsmen and bowlers? Thanks.


Eyes not spreadsheets
It’ll be interesting to see how much Rashid Khan drops if he starts playing against the better sides.


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Yeah, I limited to 15 sides only but obviously Rashid Khan still benefits from playing a lot against Ireland and Zimbabwe I believe.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
My man Ajmal appropriately high. Used to bowl at the death, dry up runs, take key wickets — the whole shabang. Of course whether he was bowling or not is a separate matter. :tongue:


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Based on the longevity adjusted lists:

Top 2 openers - Tendulkar, Greendige
Top 3 middle order batsmen - Richards, Abbas, de Villiears
Top wicketkeeper batsman - Dhoni
Top 4 bowlers: Garner, Hadlee Muralitharan, McGrath
Top all rounder: Imran Khan (only one to feature in top 50 of both)

So an ATG XI will be:

Sachin Tendulkar
Gordon Greendige
Zaheer Abbas
Viv Richards
AB de Villiers
MS Dhoni +
Imran Khan *
Richard Hadlee
Joel Garner
Muttiah Muralitharan
Glenn McGrath
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Whatever it takes!!!
Wait for stephen and TJB to come barging in given there is only one Aussie.. :p

But seriously, very good work, ankitj. Gives a lot to mull over and ranks the players reasonably accurately inspite of being a very straightforward statistical analysis.


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Yes, but taken alone average and ER are independent. Between those 3 stats there is 2 degrees of freedom and so it's fine to combine any 2 of them.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Wait for stephen and TJB to come barging in given there is only one Aussie.. :p

But seriously, very good work, ankitj. Gives a lot to mull over and ranks the players reasonably accurately inspite of being a very straightforward statistical analysis.
I've said it before, but statistical analyses without taking into account ground sizes, quality of opposition and clutch performances aren't going to do anything more than give a rough indicator.

Having said that, there are enough Australian batsmen in the top 37 to fill two top 6s. Which would be:

ML Hayden
AC Gilchrist
RT Ponting
GS Chappell
A Symonds
MG Bevan

DA Warner
ME Waugh
DM Jones
DR Martyn
MEK Hussey
SR Watson

With just Clarke left over to round out the top 50. This would make the backbone of two pretty formidable sides.

The bowling attacks would be:

GD McGrath
DK Lillee
MA Starc
SK Warne

TM Alderman
B Lee
CJ McDermott
GB Hogg

with left over:

CG Rackemann
MG Johnson
NW Bracken
JN Gillespie

Not sure I like Alderman or Rackemann in the 2nd XI. I'd take Johnson or Bracken over either of them. The first side can pick anyone, so they will get Clarke at 7. The second side needs a keeper so they will take Haddin at 7. Giving:

ML Hayden
AC Gilchrist +
RT Ponting
GS Chappell (5)
A Symonds (6)
MG Bevan (7)
M Clarke (8)
MA Starc (3)
SK Warne (4)
DK Lillee (2)
GD McGrath (1)


DA Warner
ME Waugh (6)
DM Jones
DR Martyn
MEK Hussey
SR Watson (5)
B Haddin +
GB Hogg (4)
B Lee (1)
TM Alderman (3)
CJ McDermott (2)

Which actually are both pretty strong sides who have tails that can hold a bat. They come pretty close to my own Australian first and second 11 sides too.