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Nominees for outstanding fielder in


Cricket Spectator
Outstanding display of fielding??? what have you got??

Pringle puts a foot to the ball and successfully gets a run out...apologies cant even remember who he got out or what country but I remember he had a blinder!!!!

Must have been something in the zinc!


International Captain
whenever someone says outstanding display of fielding, the first thing that comes to mind is Jonty Rhodes' 'superman' dive to run out Inzy in the 92 world cup.
Kaif's catch last year against pakistan was a showstopper as well.
there are several in this category, me thinks.


State Vice-Captain
Chris Harris, all the time.

Matthew Sinclair's beautiful one handed(it was his left hand too) diving catch to dismiss Matthew Hayden was incredible.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Daren Ganga's superman effort against South Africa a couple years ago.
Brian Lara's one-handed snag off Klusener's smash last year.
Collingwood's catch off Gayle (?) earlier this year.
Dillon's catch off Tendulkar a few years ago (Singapore Challenge).
Kallis' one-handed catch off Jones in the last Test.

Some of the ones that are fresh in my mind right now.


International Captain
another one was Vasbert Drakes' catch in the world cup near the boundary.
That was phenomenal.
Another catch that impressed me was by Gibbs in England.....it was a hard chance while he was in the slips and he fumbled it....but he had the amazing presence of mind to kick the ball up before it hit the ground and catch it on the second attempt.


Hall of Fame Member
NZ's effort to run out Brian Lara at the 2003 World Cup with the relay throw to Cairns who hit the stumps from side-on.


International Coach
mark alleyne sliding 3 times before stopping a ball that was really never going to make it to the boundary:p
in my mind the best catch ive ever seen was undoubtedly adam bachers catch of tendulkar in SA 8 years ago. it still sticks- left hand(and remembers hes right handed), goes backward, then almost flies in the air(still backward) with his hand outstretched to take the catch and all this just a few inches from the boundary, it would have been a brilliant piece of fielding had he saved the 6 let alone taken the catch. tendulkar was of course batting on 169.
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International Captain
a great piece of fielding to see the back of a batsman always elicits a mixed reaction from me.
While i am extremely appreciative of the fielder's effort, i cannot help but feel that the batsman just got 'robbed' and didnt deserve to get out.


Cricketer Of The Year
Actually I rate Matthew Sinclair a very good fielder...he's good in the gully & of course he probably took the best catch of 2004 on the boundary in the Hadlee/Chappell trophy.

Other good fielders: Ponting, Rhodes, Harris


Hall of Fame Member
There was a catch taken by Peter Toohey in the outfield on one of India's tours to Australia I think. It was incredible. I am not sure if he was actually playoing or acting as a substitute.

Even Madan Lal held a stupendous catch in the deep, probably on the same tour.
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International Debutant
The best peice of feilding I have ever seen was by Symonds:

It was against the WI a few years ago, the batsman skyed a sweep out to deep midwicket, Symonds came sprinting off the fence at top speed never once slowed down, he didn't make the catch but took the ball right on the half volly at top speed, did a role and through the stumps down from about 30m all in the one motion.

wasn't a run out but if it had have been it would have had much more attention..


Hall of Fame Member
Most outstading piece of fielding was Herschelle Gibbs (one of the world's great fieldsman) dropping Steve Waugh to save Australia's skin in the 1999 World Cup :D :D

But seriously, Viv Richards in the 1975 Cup Final running out 4 (?) Aussies to clinch it for the Windies. If you haven't seen it, get the tape.

thierry henry

International Captain
Best catch I've ever seen- Nathan Astle catching Shaun Pollock at long-on in 1998/99 (the game where Klusener won it with 6 off the last ball from Nash).

I can't imagine how a better catch could possibly be taken, because this one had it all. He had to sprint full speed, dive literally full-length, and take the ball one-handed, in his bad hand, only inches off the ground. Plus it was a powerful, flat straight drive that carried all the way out to the boundary. It was like the Sinclair/Hayden catch but an improvement in every area.

Best run-outs- Harris running out David Boon in the '92 World Cup with a direct hit from side-on from the outfield. Cairns doing the same to Lara in the 2003 World Cup.

Slight national bias there yes :p but the Astle catch was honestly the best I've seen.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
The Astle catch was great, yes. That was a great series for fielding, Roger Twose took a one handed stunner at Eden Park in that series too, and in another game at the same ground (went to this game) Jonty Rhodes took a brilliant catch.