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Most memorable ball ever bowled in a Onedayer?

It doesn't have to be the best ball, but should be a memorable one!!

For me, it happens to be the one bowled by V Prasad to A Sohail in '96 WC, when he clean bowled A Sohail and send Pak team out of the WC.That was really sweet :D


Cricketer Of The Year
Two by Wasim Akram v England in the '92 WC... and one memorable for a different reason, Roger Harper to Michael Bevan in '96.


Cricketer Of The Year
He's probably been here a few times, but obviously he'd want to keep a low profile. There are still a few here who won't forgive him.


From a biased NZ viewpoint it is hard to go past a few of Shane Bond's deliveries in the VB series a few years back. I think he got Gilchrist with an amazing in swinging yorker on one occasion.


Cricketer Of The Year
Yeah that Gilchrist delivery was pretty darn good.

I'd have to say though that i've seen a number of deliveries by Wasim which would make me shiver if i were a batsman.


U19 Vice-Captain
Chetan Sharma to Miandad in the Sharjah Final

and one other ball which i vividly remember since my childhood days is

Patrick Patterson to Tim Robinson of England in the 1987 WC where Robinson's middle
stump was broken. That was the first time i saw a stump broke.


U19 Cricketer
Andy Bichel V England in the 2003 World Cup. Absolute peach of a delivery, the highlights DVD shows the stump cam and it seams a mile before taking one of the right handed English top orders off stump.
onemangang said:
For me, it happens to be the one bowled by V Prasad to A Sohail in '96 WC, when he clean bowled A Sohail and send Pak team out of the WC.That was really sweet :D
Yes that happen to be the most memorable ball, infact i would say that for Indians it remains the "ball of the century" as far as the popularity of the balls goes.

I've heard that Srinath later said to Prasad, that he would love to trade his entire spell with just that ball!!! The significiance of that wkt was that it send back that arrogant A sohail to the pavillion and it threw the Pak team out of WC something which was widely appreciated in Bangalore.

Crazy Sam

International 12th Man
Waqar Younis's disgraceful bowling to Andrew Symonds in the Australians' first game at the 03 world cup. Threw two beamers directly at Symonds's head (and symonds is not short!) and was rightly ordered out of the attack by dave sheperd. Then claimed to have 'slipped' after the match. Someone should've slipped a boot up his ****.

Of course the incredible thing is that after the second one floored symonds, he got up and went down the pitch and was VERY nearly run out!


International Regular
The dismissals of Alan Lamb and Chris Lewis in the final of the '92 World Cup. Simply magical.


School Boy/Girl Cricketer
The ball by Shane Bond to Brad Hogg at the 2003 WC...it was an inswinging yorker that hit him in his foot right infront of the middle stump!!