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Mohammad Amir retires from tests


International Regular
Strange character, all said. Lack of wickets notwithstanding, it was obvious he put everything into playing for Pakistan. But then you have the fixing and now throwing in the towel at 27 when I would've imagined him wanting to prove a point or two.


Hall of Fame Member
He's 16 ffs. Don't want another teenager to be rushed in. Wasim was 30 years ago. Most bowlers doing well in domestic are old pros like Irfan and Aizaz Cheema. Dire.
I just remembered, he was the guy who was called 15 years old when he was actually 17, which makes him 18. And here's the thing, they shouldn't select him in until he has some decent first class experience with a good record, if he attains it. It seems the requirements to be selected for Pakistan as a test pace bowler are to be/pretend you're under 20 and do well at T20, or have been selected and failed multiple times before.

It came as a shock to me that they selected Abbas because he was a 29 year-old who had never really been considered but he had a good domestic record. And he's done well enough. I followed the career of Sadaf Hussain for several years as he cleaned up again and again, but he never really seemed to be in contention for tests. I've seen people say he's not fast enough or whatever, but it's hard to believe it wasn't worth selecting a guy averaging 18.6 (better than Abbas) and doing it year after year, rather than recalling Rahat Ali over and over again.


U19 Vice-Captain
Pretty weird retirement. Had been mediocre in tests since his return, pretty low WPM although you could party attribute that to dropped catches.
This is a good move though. There are 2 T20 WCs and an ODI WC in the next 4 years. Now he can concentrate more on that. Starc should also do the same IMO.

the big bambino

International Captain
Not a total surprise as he did mention he needed to manage his workload, particularly in tests, about a year ago. He's lost 5 years and wants to maximise the back end of his career and I guess he's cut the format that places the most stress on a pace bowler.


Hall of Fame Member
Sad we won't get to see him this summer. Hopefully Abbas is fit and firing for that tour though.


Cricketer Of The Year
Those no balls were not an attempt to lose Pakistan the match, it was not match fixing lol