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Marto takes a swing at Lillee


State Vice-Captain
Not like Marto to come out with an opinion! I love Marto, but I don't really agree with him this time. No one should have to keep their mouths shut and what Lillee said was hardly over the top.

Slow Love™

International Captain
It has been a bit strange though, a lot of the criticism towards the current Aussie team from ex-players. I can't remember myself if there's been a worse relationship between a contemporary team and previous players. I suppose there was the odd snipe from Keith Miller, maybe a few others.

When it's someone writing a column, it's what they're paid for, to give their opinions, be they negative or positive. Players may react badly, but that's the nature of writing sports articles, and you probably need a thicker skin. I'm not sure whether Lillee's, Greg Ritchie's or Thommo's comments are so much in that vein though - so I kinda sympathise with Marto. It surely must turn what would have been friendly relationships into ones that are pretty frosty, given that these comments seem to be mostly snipes just for the hell of it.

archie mac

International Coach
I think he is right Lillee has a responsibility as President of the WACA. Having said that I still think there was nothing wrong with his views, they are getting on, but are still the best players in the country.

Ex-players having ago at the moderns? They seem to wheel Neil Harvey out, every time they want to start a poo fight


International Coach
Surely we haven't reached a point where a former great is not allowed to express an honest view on the biggest series played out here for years.

archie mac

International Coach
howardj said:
Surely we haven't reached a point where a former great is not allowed to express an honest view on the biggest series played out here for years.
No worries if he was just an ex-player but as President of the WACA, I think he should temper them a little, but I suppose the best way for Marto to answer the critics is to score lots of runs :)


I don't think Lillee has said anything outrageous, has he? No-one goes on for ever, although there are some perfectly valid pragmatic reasons to stick with the tried-and-tested. Martyn has done well since his recall, but his FC form didn't exactly demand his re-inclusion, did it?

Poker Boy

State Vice-Captain
I think DK Lillee's just worried about the future - WI in the early 90s lost Greenidge, Richards, Marshall and Dujon all at once and that was the start of their decline.. Its amazing to me how England and Australia have changed roles - in 1972 Ray Illingworth summoned Dads Army to defend the Ashes - recalling vetrans Mike Smith and Parfitt among others as well as D'Oliveria who was 41 but everybody reckoned he was older - while Australia had G Chappell, Lillee, Marsh and Massie who hadn't been playing Test cricket for long. He got away with it - the series was 2-2 - but we paid a terrible price on the next Ashes tour with a shortage of young talent (AND not picking John Snow - stupid selectors). Now in 2006 its Ricky Ponting's Dads Army while England have Cook and Panesar who didn't play in 2005. Even if Australia regain the Ashes they could be storing up trouble in the future - I think that's what DK is worried about.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Top Stuff from Marto. The Constant critsim from those Players of Lillee's era (Thommo, Chappelli, Lawson) about how most of the current team is past it etc. etc. is a bit tiresome. As is the attitude that "No-one could possibly be as good as me because i played in the good 'ol days".

Interesting to read that Langer has apparently also waded into the debate siding with Marto. Stick it to em i say, sure they were greats on the field, but are proving to be tosser off it!