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Mark Ramprakash


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Yeah he's a batting apologist. Walks out with a look on his face that reads like "I'm sorry fellas, I know I'm being a nuisance here...I'll try to get out of your way as soon as possible". Then, if he makes it through the first 8-10 runs briefly looks determined before getting to around 40-50 and then realising that he's imposing terribly on the bowling side by hanging around for so long and would be best served getting out now so everyone can sleep a little easier that night.

A true gentleman it would seem.
Tbf, for some bizarre reason he always gets off the mark with an unspeakably glorious stroke.


International Coach
Indeed, that is very true. Reminds me a little bit of Mark Waugh tbh in terms of how easy on the eye they look whether they play their shots or look clueless.