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Jonathan Trott


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Bell is 6 years younger and is arguably at present only a little worse than Collingwood with age on his side he could end up a lot better if he gets his game together.

The question one has to ask is, is it time to build a side, or as Vaughan put it an 'empire', or is it time to pick the best side to tour SA. If Collingwood is picked, it wouldn't be the worst decision, but if he's not I would be more impressed because it suggests that the selectors have put the focus on the future. Ideally, I'd like to see him replaced by someone who isn't Bell but theres not very many options here. Perhaps Joyce would make more sense?
Personally I don't think the selectors should be in the business of picking 27-year-old players in the hope that they'll come good after years and years of failure. Joyce is 31 himself though so it's not exactly a nod towards the future either. If you're going to pick a batsman ahead of Collingwood on potential you should really be looking younger than that. I suppose the 22-year-old Eoin Morgan would be next in line.

I don't really rate him though. I'd be happy enough with Colly.


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What sort of talent is there in the County Championship younger than 25?
Who are the next generation?

Patel, Wright, Rashid, Finn.
4 off the top of my head who are all <25.
Broad and Cook obviously. + Bopara.

Morgan, Malan. Davies or Kieswetter.
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