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Jimmy Anderson


State Vice-Captain
Out of interest, what pace do you guys reckon Hadlee was operating at usually? Retired bowler usually gain 5ks through nostalgia.
From the footage I have seen, I would say (low- to?) mid-140s at least as late as 1978, and high 130s to odd low 140s in the mid 80s, obviously slowing later. IIRC, he looks really quick in videos from the 70s, but it may have been due to his bowling short a large amount of the time.

Somewhat ironic that he felt the need to shorten his runup when his long run was noticeably shortly than everyone else's.


International Regular
I didn't realise Courtney Walsh fans were so touchy. It's not as if he's being compared to Stuart Broad. :hypocrite
Wouldn’t really call myself a Walsh fan, tbh this is the first time I’ve properly taken an in depth look at his career and stats. I’m sure I’d be posting similarly against him if someone was unironically comparing Walsh to Donald or Hadlee.


Hall of Fame Member
Anderson is faster than your Philander's and Bedser's and the same height as Hadlee, Pollock and Davidson. So he's got no excuses really. Not having a back up to hucking it full is a limitation. And no, being merely a damage control bowler doesn't count. As is being allergic to the Kookaburra. Yeah, Hadlee wasn't an out and out swing bowler but that just means he had more strings up his bow.. which is an entirely banal observation so I don't buy that logic tbh. Git gud, Jimmy.

Lillian Thomson

International Coach
Of course non English bowlers have the advantage of being able to include the bowler friendly conditions and hand grenade of a ball that Jimmy is so reliant on as part of their away stats. :innocent:

Fuller Pilch

International Vice-Captain
Thinking of a hypothetical scenario here. Let's say there's bowler A, called Ymmij Nosredna, who mostly takes the new ball and bowls to Nos. 1-6 in the lineup. Let's say he has a teammate Llehctim Crats, who sprays around the new ball and is generally held back against top order batsmen, but bowls sharp bouncers and pinpoint yorkers, which make him ideally suited to cleaning up the lower order. Nosredna averages 26, with 70% top order wickets, and Crats averages 25, with 40% top order wickets. Who is the superior bowler?
I'd say Nosredna sounds better to me, although I'd put the lionhearted Lien Rengaw who can bowl long spells, gets key wickets on roads and has insane fitness and courage levels ahead of both of them.


International Debutant
I'm not sure any of them would be any good bowling against Zair Riaz though

KARACHI: Zair Riaz scored his third straight half-century as Karachi Grammar School (KGS) moved into the semi-finals of the fifth Bilal Bhaty Inter-school/collegiate T20 cricket tournament with an eight-wicket win over DHA College Blues here the other day.



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Of course non English bowlers have the advantage of being able to include the bowler friendly conditions and hand grenade of a ball that Jimmy is so reliant on as part of their away stats. :innocent:
Excluding England Ishant averages 32 overseas. Exactly the same as anderson does in those same countries. I knew India's fast bowling had improved but never realised we apparently have Courtney Walsh 2.0 in our attack.