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Isn't the Brisbane Pitch against the rules of the ICC


International Coach
5 results means 5 decent test match pitches. Stupid thread.
Haha, I've never heard so much **** in my life. That just doesn't make sense at all. You could play all 5 matches on a front lawn and you'd get 5 results, but it wouldn't be a good test match pitch would it?


Hall of Fame Member
I agree that a result doesn't necessarily mean a good wicket, but I think it's obvious that a wicket like (for instance) Brisbane was merely a good batting wicket, rather than an absolute road that was bad for cricket. If you bowled well and had a balanced attack, there was something there for the bowlers.

The only wicket in the series that was really bad was Adelaide IMO. The rest of the series was okay. A little less assistance for the bowlers than what would be ideal, but there was at least some variation from one test to another. Sydney probably had the best pitch of the series.