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Ignored posts are too intrusive


International Coach
So due to the lovely display of gentlemanly cricketing discussion that was is the Pak vs NZ in UAE thread I decided it was time to brush the dust of the Ignore list function, which I've used a grand total of once before. Instead of the blissful calm I was hoping for, I get lists and lists of enormous "THIS MESSAGE IS FROM A USER YOU HAVE IGNORED BLAH BLAH" notices which hog up more room than most regular posts.

Can the ignore list actually, like, ignore people? I know you can't get rid of people quoting their posts and that's okay but if I ignore someone I want their posts ****ing gone altogether.


Evil Scotsman
You get used to it eventually, although it's annoying as **** when someone on your list is in a thread being quoted.


Evil Scotsman
Actually yes, reading through the New Zealand threads now and the ignored thing is pretty annoying. I swear it didn't used to be that intrusive before the forum got the vbulletin upgrade.