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Group E - Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica

Who will qualify from the group?

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Dunno much about football but surely Neuer getting beaten at the near post for the winner is kinda bad?
It’s very well struck from close range, usually they hit you somewhere but occasionally they get through.

Strangely it’s an area Neuer specialises in. He saves a bunch of narrow angle shots that other keepers let in by simply standing up when the natural instinct is to go down. For some reason that time he went down.


Cricketer Of The Year
We the free people of Cricketweb demand the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of Die tournament mannschaft to the FIFA World Cup!

Dunno much about football but surely Neuer getting beaten at the near post for the winner is kinda bad?
I think that this was debunked in the early 2000s.

Kamikaze defending by Germans to lose that.
If only they had called up such world-class alternatives such the mighty Robin Koch of Leeds United :ph34r:


The Wheel is Forever
This is so much fun to watch. I’m always surprised how much I enjoy watching every game in the WC and then my interest seems to completely fall off in between.
In general; do people who know the sport (as well as other sports) think more upsets happen here compared to other sports? Can’t think of another situation where a team ranked 51st can even remotely have a chance of beating a top five team.


The Wheel is Forever
So would the bookmakers.

Group E qualification odds:

Spain 1.14
Germany 1.17
Japan 4.75
Costa Rica 16
So if Japan beat Costa Rica, are they in? What’s the first tie breaker? Goal differential or is it head to head?

edit: looked it up. Surely if records are tied, you should move on if you beat the other team? But Iguess the downside would then be that there would’ve be a lot more dead rubbers given only 3 games per team.