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Group D: Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal


Robertinho said:
So Australia have an easier group, Einstein... Even Paddy Gundry would've got that joke... 8-)
Preeeeeetty sure he was just looking for a chance to take a dig at something Australian, without really thinking about it.


International Debutant
I'm very interested, backed Pauleta to be Golden Boot after seeing this group...*crosses fingers and hopes*

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
thewizard1o1 said:
I'm very interested, backed Pauleta to be Golden Boot after seeing this group...*crosses fingers and hopes*
Never has great tournaments though, scored three against Poland in the last World Cup but other than that he has been woefully unimpressive in the big tournaments and games. However he has a chance of getting quite a few tonight against Angola, Portugal usually stick five or more away against their former colony.


International Debutant
Can't argue with that, thou this his close to his last chance on one of the 'big stages' and in this group i just think there is a good chance he could bag quite a few goals.

Barney Rubble

International Coach
I wouldn't be too surprised to see Cristiano Ronaldo bring out one or two new items from his box of tricks this evening. Angola will certainly give him the opportunity.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Travis_Teh said:

Why would anyone care about Mexico, Iran or Angola? Honestly?
Well, people from Central America, The Middle East or Africa might just be slightly interested.

Don't reveal your racist arrogance too early in the topic.



Cricketer Of The Year
Wow, 1-1 after 36'. Heaps of scoring opportunities for both sides already, Iran really should've scored earlier on.

TT Boy

Hall of Fame Member
Tough luck for the Iranians but you knew as soon as Ali Karimi departed they were just going for the draw.