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Garven Island Turistas


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Adam Gilchrist [LHB/WK] (Australia)
Australian batsman-wicketkeeper.

Age: 36
Career Batting: 28.32

Dwayne Smith [RHB/RM] (West Indies)
West Indies allrounder.

Age: 25
Career Batting: 9.75
Career Bowling: 15.68
Economy: 7.07

Samiullah Khan [RHB/LMF] (Pakistan)
Pakistani left-arm seam bowler.

Age: 25
Career Batting: 12.00
Career Bowling: 18.19
Economy: 7.79

Our 3 overseas signings. Happy?


You'll Never Walk Alone
Awesome gesture by Camps, but you can't help but feel bond21 might've done a better job as captain.


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Oh right. Four people left to give numbers. Might not like what I give y'all..
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10. XPA Rose (CW Green) [c]
AP Cloete (CW Black) [icon]
AC Gilchrist (Australia) [overseas]
DR Smith (West Indies) [overseas]
S Khan (Pakistan) [overseas]
PE Young (CW Blue) [wk]
14. T Bochat (CW Colts)
11. M Reddlapalli (CW Red)
23. M Corrin (CW Green)
99. AR Sarwar (no contract)
18. RGEWS Cribb (CW Blue)
69. PG Gundry (CW Green)
KD Horton (no contract)
DG Speirs (CW Black)
19. JJD Heads (CW Red)

Overseas players get numbers after the CW players.