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Garven Island Turistas


Cricket Web Content Updater
10. XPA Rose (CW Green) [c]
1. AP Cloete (CW Black) [icon]
2. AC Gilchrist (Australia) [overseas]
3. DR Smith (West Indies) [overseas]
4. S Khan (Pakistan) [overseas]
96. PE Young (CW Blue) [wk]
14. T Bochat (CW Colts)
11. M Reddlapalli (CW Red)
23. M Corrin (CW Green)
99. AR Sarwar (no contract)
18. RGEWS Cribb (CW Blue)
69. PG Gundry (CW Green)
00. KD Horton (no contract)
83. DG Speirs (CW Black)
19. JJD Heads (CW Red)


Norwood's on Fire
My theme song is Welcome to the Jungle by GNR

My ice bath buddy is one that I'll need to think on for a while longer


Not Terrible
On debut he plays a match winning performance. Surely JJD Heads has cemented his spot in the team for now.


Cricket Web Content Updater
And played another good knock. Only batsman who's been consistently getting good scores.


Hall of Fame Member
After the game against Rabid Wolves, Kev Gough presented Turistas with a commemorative pennant.