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Garven Island Turistas


Cricket Web Content Updater
Logo to come or someone who wants to can do one up.

Captain - Xavier Rose

Cricket Web Icon - Andrew Cloete

Domestic Squad Members -
Pete Young
Thad Bochat
Manju Reddlapalli
Martyn Corrin
Arsalan Sarwar
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Norwood's on Fire
Yeah go on, take the number I wanted, Chrissy G :@

Torn between 23 for Shuker and 8 for Aldo...you choose for me Xav

Prince EWS

Global Moderator
Was hoping you would take the same shirt number as Symonds so you can be explosive for us :ph34r:.
If the Twenty20 comp in America is anything to go by, I'm a good quality specialist spinner who opens the batting for no apparent reason.

I look forward to continuing this strange and mystifying role.


International Coach
Haha so me and Cribb are in the same T20 franchise, are you have a laugh? The slowest batsmen bar Morkles in the CW cricket system. :p