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** Formula1 Prediction Thread ** Round 6 Monaco

biased indian

International Coach
Standings after Round 5

01)biased indian------->55
10)The Baconator------->30
13)Neil Pickup--------->25
14)Dizzy #4------------>15
22)V Reddy------------->00

1) There will be five questions in each round
2) The questions will vary from round to round
3) There will be 19 rounds
4) You get 5 points for each corrct answer(and 5 Bonus Some times)
5) All results will be based on the site www.Formula1.com (the Official site)
6) You have to give in u r predictions before the race starts on sunday

Following are the teams and drivers

01) Ferrari---------------> M Schumacher, R Barrichello
02) BAR----------------->J Button,T Sato
03) Renault------------->F Alonso,G Fisichella
04) Williams------------>M Webber,N Heidfeld
05) McLaren------------>K Räikkönen,J Montoya
06) Sauber-------------->J Villeneuve,F Massa
07) Red Bull------------>D Coulthard,C Klien
08) Toyota-------------->J Trulli,R Schumacher
09) Jordan-------------->T Monteiro,N Karthikeyan
10) Minardi------------->C Albers,P Friesacher

biased indian

International Coach
You have to predict the order in which th following drivers will finish among themselves

M Schumacher
F Alonso
G Fisichella
K Räikkönen
J Trulli

U dont have to predict the actual race position only the position among the five only
if u predict the correct position u will get 10 points,if the Driver finishes above than what u predicted he will, u will get 5 points

So this is a big round with a chance to score 50 points


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thats a bit silly, i can say all those drivers will finish 18th and if they dont come last its a automatic 25 points...


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Kimi Raikkonen
Giancarlo Fisichella
Michael Schumacher
Fernando Alonso
Jarno Trulli
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biased indian

International Coach
broncoman said:
thats a bit silly, i can say all those drivers will finish 18th and if they dont come last its a automatic 25 points...
no no !!!!
what u have to say is how they will fare among themselves not the race position

biased indian

International Coach
broncoman said:

1 Kimi Raikkonen
2 Giancarlo Fisichella
4 Michael Schumacher
5 Fernando Alonso
7 Jarno Trulli
this is not valid in a way since u have given numbers besides them

what i have done is i have reduced the race to this five drivers and u have to predict how thay will finish so u will not see a position like seven that u have given to trulli


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poor fisi, no one is giving him a hope, he was looking good in Spain, would have come 2nd if he didnt have car troubles, he hasnt had much luck since melbourne...


Eyes not spreadsheets
James90 said:
^^ I really don't think that would be fair for Monaco.
Same rules for everyone though, I personally didn't like the change in emphasis from the first couple of rounds.