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Choose the best team.

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State Vice-Captain
In this draft all players who have never played a single ODI were eligible to select, however they were selected based on how they would have performed in ODIs.

So please, while evaluating the teams, please remember that the abilities of these players in a hypothetical situation where they are playing in ODIs, despite having never played in one, are considered. It is down to your imagination to decide how good or bad they would have been based on their playing styles and performances.

You cannot vote for your own team.

Following are the four teams that ended up as joint leaders in the voting thread.

Please select the best team (ONLY ONE) based on the above criterion.

Watson XI

01. Eddie Barlow (6)
02. Tom Graveney
03. Ted Dexter * (7)
04. Denis Compton
05. Eddie Paynter
06. Keith Miller (2)
07. John R. Reid (4)
08. Jim Parks +
09. Peter Pollock (1)
10. Charlie Griffith (3)
11. Ernie Toshack (5)

Barlow, Dexter and Compton to be the aggressors during the first half of the innings with Graveney and Paynter to work the gaps and anchor the innings. Miller and Reid to continue the assault with Parks to take the team home if necessary. All batsman have the technique and temperment to switch to more defensive or attacking roles as the situation demands.

Pollock and Miller to open the bowling with Pollock to use up most of his 10 overs. Griffith, Reid, Barlow, and Toshack to bowl during the middle period of the innings. Dexter to help out if needed. Miller and Griffith to return and bowl out the final 10 overs or so. Griffith to take on a Joel Garner like role with his legendary yorkers to the opposing tail.

Aldo XI

01. Jack Hobbs
02. Archie Maclaren
03. Graeme Pollock
04. Vijay Hazare [6]
05. Neil Harvey
06. John Waite+
07. Learie 'Baron' Constantine* [4]
08. Wilfred Rhodes [5]
09. Jack Cowie [1]
10. Ted McDonald [2]
11. Ken Farnes [3]

BATTING : The opening pair complements each other well, Jack Hobbs faces the first ball with a steady approach picking easy gaps and finding boundaries with the fielding restrictions, while Maclaren adds the flair and dominates the bowling with his powerful strokes. Hobbs will look to play the bigger innings carrying on as long as he can.
At 3 comes in Graeme Pollock, one who can adapt to any situation presented, and completely destroy a bowling attack with ease. I expect him to provide a Ponting-esque presence as an ODI cricketer.
At 4 is Vijay Hazare, can steady the ship when needed and keeps the scoreboard ticking.
At 5, is Neil Harvey, stylish and aggressive, a great finisher as every ODI team needs, the latter half of innings would revolve around him.
At 6 is John Waite, a top order batsman by trade being a solid bat in this team.
At 7 Constantine can provide the fireworks in the end blasting the ball over the boundary. A great man to have whether chasing or finishing an innings, never backing down.
Rhodes and Cowie take the order till number 9, a long batting order makes it all the more difficult for the opposition to overcome and there will be no shortage of runs here, and the chases will never be in danger.

BOWLING : The accurate Cowie and the aggressive McDonald take the new ball. Cowie restricts the runs in the powerplay while McDonald goes for broke and attacks the batsmen. Farnes takes over soon and finishes most of his overs, with Constantine and Rhodes working the middle overs. Hazare chips in with the extra overs when needed, Cowie returns to bowl at the end with Constantine/McDonald at the other end. Fielding unit is top notch with the likes of Hervey and Constantine being absolute GUN fielders who will surely contribute a lot in the field, more than most others. I've given the captaincy to Baron Constantine, as he was innovative in his ideas and would adapt better than anyone to ODI situations.

Red Hill XI

Arthur Morris
Bruce Mitchell
Frank Woolley
Norm O'Neill
SF Jackson *
Nip Pellew
George Giffen
Godfrey Evans +
Alan Davidson
Hugh Trumble
Harold Larwood

Bowlers: Larwood - Davidson - Giffen - Trumble - Woolley - Jackson - Mitchell


Vijay Merchant
Colin Milburn
Victor Trumper
Polly Umrigar (6)
Maurice Leyland
Les Ames (wk)
Gilbert Jessop (5)
Bapu Nadkarni (4)
Amar Singh (2)
Frank Tyson (1)
Jim Laker (3)


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This is too close again. Watson and Aldo to be joint winners and Red Hill and OS are joint runners up. Win-Win.
How do you figure that? It's 4 votes to Watson and 3 for Aldo, remembering of course the only reason for the 2nd vote-off is they couldn't be split. Finally they look to be split and you want to call it a tie? :huh:


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Just call it as a 3 way tie imo.

Or we could name me winner since Bapu Nadkarni was such an unconventionally awesome pick :p


State Vice-Captain
Phew! This was... erm.. close. Again! :D

Thanks for the votes, fellas. Believe this is my third draft win on here.