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England Wicket-Keeper Dilemma

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
sledger said:
thats very very true, but nobody is perfect, read will drop one at least once more in his career, law of averages says it will happen, law of averages also says if he did it could be a crucial drop.
Law of averages also says Jones will drop more crucial ones...


Neil Pickup said:
Law of averages also says Jones will drop more crucial ones...
thats very true, but then again you cant rule out the possibility of read dropping one either.


Hall of Fame Member

Come on lads, dont make it sound has if Jones keeping ability is that bad, i agree that read was harshly dropped from the england side, but he isn't the first keeper to be dropped because of inability with the bat and wont be the last because has we all know in modern day cricket teams would more rahter a Batsman-Wicket Keeper, back to Jones the only real blemish he made all summer was when he dropped Gibbs in the first innings at JO' Burg, while his keeping faults has shown up since he has given up a few byes, but hey and i'm talking to my fellow english fans now Jack Russel will be helping him in that area and that good and we should hope that whatever Russel teaches him could irradicate some of his keeping flaws