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England tour of Australia ODIs


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Well maybe he isn't, but the fact you can't generalize about the mental approach of players applies as much to him as it does to #tiredJoss


International Captain
Maybe he's just not very good?
Bit of that perhaps, maybe being seemingly made out of glass a problem for him too. For someone talked up as being genuinely fast, outside of his first spell in his first game of the series he was almost exclusively mid 130s tops


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Look I've been guilty as anyone on judging cricketers and their mental fortitude.......you gotta be tough, win at all costs (without @crossingtheline obs) it's an honour representing your country......leave everything you got out on the park etc.

I think in today's cricket it's quiet feasible that for a lot of guys if they try to do that everytime they pull on their countries jersey they are gonna wind up in the bin.

I watched the Ben Stokes doco on the weekend......has given me a bit of perspective on what this game takes from its players. Especially if they happen to play for England.


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Their full strength team is still pretty good in the format imo, even if their depth has been shown up a little bit.

1 Bairstow
2 Malan
3 Root
4 Stokes
5 Buttler
6 Livingstone
7 Moeen
8 Woakes
9 Rashid
10 Wood
11 Topley

Reserves: Salt, Billings, Dawson, Willey/Curran

Australia for decades have got away with only having a good ODI team in theory/paper for a while before the WC and then throwing it together properly for the tournament. This whole series was a farce but they don't need to panic, that lineup still looks great to me.

Roy should be totally done now though IMO. Definitely one thing they learnt this tour.
Agree, that top XI is still very strong, and note you haven't mentioned Archer. What's the latest on his injury/future career prospects?