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England players and selection discussion thread


State Captain
Crawley is a below average test match opener, we all know that. There is an argument that even at his current level, he's about as good as we've got. I don't agree with that.

I think he's in the side for 2 reasons:
1. He scores quickly and that obviously fits in with the way Key, McCullum and Stokes want the team to play.

2. He's inconsistent but the management feel he is capable of playing big scores as his 267 against a good Pakistan attack shows.
You can't score 267 in a test match without having significant ability.

I also wonder how much Rob Key sees himself in Crawley and I don't mean the Kent connection.

Key's test career included 1 big score, his 221 against The West Indies. I wonder if Key wants to give Crawley more of an opportunity than he feels he got.

And of course Key plays golf with Zak's Dad. ?

I wouldn't play Crawley. I'd have move Oli Pope up and played Foakes but I think the points I've outlined are why he's continued to be selected.
I know your not backing him. But to highlight this, he did that batting at 3. 3 out of his 4 50+ scores in England came batting 3 or 4 and also scored in Southampton.

T other one was at the Oval his last knock chasing 100 odd to win in the fourth innings opening

If we give him a Southampton wicket in glorious sunshine preferably chasing a small target he'll do decent. Any other type of pitch, conditions or match situation and he'll be no doubt average 20 and under.


State Captain
Whaaat? Seems like a try on. That's the equivalent of us calling up someone like Lawrence Neil-Smith.
Backup for Woakes,Potts and Broad as were not going to risk Jimmy or Robinson.

Tongue only played 7 T20's whereas the other backup options out there either yet to get a test call up or very few in Cook, Porter, Gregory, Fisher, Mahmood likely involved in the blast.

So may as well pick a guy who's unlikely to play in Tests or the blast but have a look at them and if disaster strikes and further injuries may not be completely useless against Ireland. But then I've not seen him bowl much.


International Debutant
Does anyone know what has happened to Mahmood? Last played 11 May.
Why not picked for the T20 warm up or the Lancs game T20 and no mention of him.


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I heard the press have been pushing his cart pretty hard because his name is such an absolute gift to headline writers:

Tongue licks the Micks

Tongue has taste for Aussie blood

Aussies get Tongue lashing
My personal favourite is:

Ireland Tongue punched in the fart box


First Class Debutant
Broad saying he's done his research on Labuschagne and Smith and will have them this Ashes. Thankfully he doesn't mention Warner, Khawaja and Head so may have over looked them :)