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Draft suggestion: Passengers XI


Hall of Fame Member
Gus Logie

had an enormous W-L ratio and was a good fielder, but overshadowed by all the star bowlers and batsmen
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International Coach
Boeta Dipenaar- you never knew if he was in the 11. He goes to work, and comes home like every average 9-5 worker. Honest Boeta


International Regular
AZH having timed out, I'll pick Lord Hawke: played in 5 Tests, all in South Africa, England won all 5, he barely contributed with the bat and didn't bowl.


International Regular
Picks so far (with "win-loss" values):

Round 1:
kingkallis: Shane Watson (+11)
Howe_zat: Ishant Sharma (+10)
The Battlers Prince: Boeta Dippenaar (+6)
mr_mister: Gus Logie (+19)
Firebreaker: Shan Masood (+2)
AndyZaltzHair: to pick
AndrewB: Lord Hawke (+5)
fredfertang: Chris Schofield (+1)
jimmy101: Scott Muller (+2)

Round 2:
jimmy101: Owais Shah (+1)
fredfertang: Gavin Hamilton (-1)
AndrewB: Bryce McGain (-1)
The Battlers Prince:


International Regular
Pick anyone you like who's played Test cricket (and hasn't already been picked). The only criteria in this draft refer to your final XI:

- the total number of wins by your final XI must be more than the total number of losses,
- the final XI must be reasonably balanced and have a sensible batting order.

But at this stage there's no problem with having more losses than wins - you'd just have to make up for it later on.