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CWC: Trial Matches and Captains Required


International Debutant
In the run up to the draft we will be contesting a pre-season carnival, with those players who have registered so far competing in a series of trial matches.

Two relatively even 13-man squads have been put together, and I am looking for one captain from each of these squads to select their sides for the trial matches.

The trial matches will be played Sept 1st-5th and will consist of a T20 mini-series followed by three 50-over games.

The player draft will immeadietly follow these trial games on September 7th, 8th and 9th - so ideally anyone who volunteers to captain at this stage will also be willing to fulfill this role permanently. Having captains for the draft and beyond is vital, and the commitment would only suit a fairly dedicated individual.

The squads for the trial matches are as follows; remember, I need at least one nominee for captain from each squad, and would ideally like that captain to select an XI for tonight's scheduled matches. Squad captains will be sent further squad information in MS Excel or Notepad format, upon their election.

CWC Trial XI A
E Ames
HT Davis
D Jellett
C Lewis
GIMH Martyn
A Monk
SC Somerset
P Spark
G Sriram
L Townsend
DB Wayne
M Wisney
R Yamadera

CWC Trial XI B
H Beaver
S Delev
O du Toit
A Fagina
J Howe
M Hunt
JD Hurricane
P Ingram
H Mork
M Morkel
I Narang
A Sharma
S Zadran