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Hall of Fame Member
Coach's Profile

Name: Tharmilan Loganathan
DOB: November 8, 1984
Place of Birth: Stedingham

Coaching Credentials

- Certified by University of Nixontwon
- Cricket Web Under 19 Board Member
- Excelsior 1920 CC First Team and Youth Team Coach
- Stedingham Girls High School 1st XI Coach


Tharmilan Loganathan started his career as off spinner and served three seasons in the Development League before he decided to retire and pursue a career in administration and coaching. On first-class debut, he took 4-45 in his first innings for Cricket Web Blue against Cricket Web Red - the team he ended his playing career with.

Loganathan finished his FC career with 21 wickets at a price of 29.43. His best haul was 5 for 90. In OD cricket he was less successful, averaging 56 for his 15 wickets with a best of 2 for 31. With the bat he averaged just 6.29 in FC cricket, but found not outs to boost his OD average to 32.80 with a high of 43 not out. Loganathan was also the leading wicket-taker in grade cricket this season with 192 scalps, prior to taking up his role as National Coach.

Loganathan is the first coach to be educated in CWLand, with a degree from the University of Nixonstown. Loganathan is also a current member of the Under 19 Cricket Board, which has allowed him to work closely with young, up and coming Cricketers of the country, his held a position on this board for the past two seasons. Loganathan has also coached the Excelsior 1920 CC First Team and Youth Team, as well as the Stedingham Girls High School 1st XI prior to taking up the National Team post.

Since taking over the reigns as National Team Coach Loganathan has lead the team to One Day Series wins over Zimbabwe and South Africa. As well as the recent 2-1 Test series win over Pakistan, only the 2nd Test Series win in Cricket Web history.

Cricket Web Coaching Staff:

Assistant Coach: Flavian Aponso (Dutch)
Physiotherapist: Irving Smith (Barbadian)
Trainer: Janik Teague (British)
Psychiatrist: Sarah Machiado (British)

Role of Coach

1. Serve on the Selection Panel and will have a vote.
2. Play a major role in keeping discipline (adherence to rules) within the CW XI.
3. Monitor domestic players, along with his coaching staff.
4. Assess the performance of the team during and following each series.
5. Work with the CW XI captain to prepare tactics, which may involve altering the batting lineup.
6. Co-ordination of training camps and media interaction.

I'll have a look into updating ages and squad list, a bit later.
For Future Reference good job Blackman.

Colts (17):

*KS Wright - bowler/fast medium
SJ Burke - wicketkeeper
S Jasotharan - wicketkeeper
SG Fitzsimmons - batsman
MW Wilson - allrounder/fast
CR Butler - batsman
DP Towns - batsman
AS Das - batsman
P Bharat - batswoman
JB Malthus-Howell - batsman
G Nayak - batsman/fast medium
DK Rai - allrounder/legspin
NR Hancock - allrounder/medium fast
JP McNamara - allrounder/left orthdox
DJ Comley - allrounder/left chinaman
TV Weber - allrounder/left legspin
GM Thomas - bowler/fast

Red (17):

*DJ Watt - bowler/fast
H Mørk - wicketkeeper
JR Gray - wicketkeeper
TA Aram - batsman/occasional wicketkeeper
GKK Dobson - batsman/occasional wicketkeeper
DP Kearsley - batsman
RJ Dauth - batsman
ZR Ritchie - batsman/offspin
MD Luff - batsman
SA Bennett - allrounder/legspin
CR Dwyer - allrounder/offspin
GN Nayak - allrounder/medium fast
MR Reddlapalli - allrounder/fast medium
MJ Robbins - batsman/medium
KR Clapham - bowler/left arm chinaman or fast medium
DM Kennett - bowler/fast medium

Black (18):

*NS Pickup - bowler/legspin
AP Chaulk - wicketkeeper
AJ Blackman - batsman
JE Stedman - batsman/medium
DP Smith - batsman/offspin
I Markus - batsman/offspin
GAJ Armstrong - batsman
AP Cloete - batsman
JA Law - batswoman
ZE Gelman - allrounder/fast medium
CP Thompson - allrounder/fast
HG Warwick - allrounder/fast
BC Donald - allrounder/fast
NL Patrick - bowler/fast
KJ Goughy - bowler/fast
DP Richards - bowler/left offspin
GM Roberts - bowler/legspin
NA Borcich - bowler/fast
Kexing Su - bowler/fast

Blue (17):

*LA Camps - allrounder/fast medium
A Crampton - wicketkeeper
T Mamesh - wicketkeeper
PE Young - batsman
BJ Goff - batsman
RGEWS Cribb - batsman
MW de Silva - batsman/fast medium
SE Fuller - allrounder/fast medium
MJC Currie - allrounder/offspin
GS Gooljar - allrounder/legspin
AAA Collins - bowler/left medium
TJ Demeza - bowler/left fast
MS Smith - bowler/medium
RD Dunn - bowler/medium
CD McKern - bowler/fast

Green (17):

*AJ Garven - batsman
A Lezama - wicketkeeper
MA Gaukroger - wicketkeeper
DY Dubb-Lynch - wicketkeeper
NG Scott - batsman
N Dravid - batsman
JR Rodgie - batsman
EL Volavola - batsman
MJ Pitt - batsman/offspin
RJ Malone - allrounder/fast medium
RJ Hing - allrounder/left offspin
BC Cunningham - allrounder/fast
J Shehzad - allrounder/fast
XPA Rose - bowler/fast
AA Cameron - bowler/fast medium
MT Mitchell - bowler/fast medium
TC Halsey - bowler/legspin
PG Gundry - bowler/legspin


International Regular
off the top of my head : Pickup's not captain of black, Smith is. BL Wilshere is at blue, G Nayak from colts has retired, MS Smith from blue retired.

Magrat Garlick

Global Moderator
off the top of my head : Pickup's not captain of black, Smith is. BL Wilshere is at blue, G Nayak from colts has retired, MS Smith from blue retired.
And further to that, there may be a few changes, and there's a fair few rookies coming in.

So that list is completely unofficial.


International Captain
off the top of my head : Pickup's not captain of black, Smith is. BL Wilshere is at blue, G Nayak from colts has retired, MS Smith from blue retired.
The point was to get rough rosters up on the site until the start of the season, because what's there currently is way off.


Hall of Fame Member
Those squad have a lot of inactive players that have been already taken out and few that im sure will be taken out very soon.


International Regular
The point was to get rough rosters up on the site until the start of the season, because what's there currently is way off.
I wasn't having a go at anyone (for a change), was just spotting some obvious changes to the list. Trying to add to it, really.
Have just updated the Dev League OD and Five Day Winners.

Does anyone happen to know the winners of Season XI's The Manuel Ramprakash Challenge Trophy and Chef de Groot Trophy.