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CW Webpage


Cricket Web XI Moderator
Well I have started on webpage for the CWBCC you can find almost everything in this once its done..

Only the main page has been done so far and links not fixed yet so just hold on..

Please comment on layouts or any thing else you want to see or not see on the main page thanks and ill have a think about the idea..

Webpage address


Thanks a lot James for the webspace
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Mr Mxyzptlk

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We'd like if every player (CW XI, A and B) could submit a picture of him or herself which we can use on the squad page. The following players have already submitted:

Lucky Eddie
Gibbs N Smith
Sunil Havascar

Please email photos to ________ or you can post it here if you wish.
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Mr. P

International Vice-Captain
As we discussed Mr. Mxy, I am not going to give out a picture of myself. I hope this is ok?


Eyes not spreadsheets
No photo of me exists either - can't we have a random photo of a well-known player of our choosing? ;)


International Coach
Oh how close you are to being right!! :P

I can comment for Neil as he obscures me in that photo (b******d), it was for being the best at some form of Geography (Human, I think). Before you ask, no I didn't win anything....:(

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Mr Mxyzptlk said:
We'll put a default pic of all those who don't want to send a pic.
When I said default pic, I meant something like in ICC, where they have a shadowed figure. Or perhaps a skeleton. :P

Neil Pickup

Cricket Web Moderator
Can't remember which award exactly that one was for...

Either the Butler Cup for Human Geography - which is entirely essay-based questions, thank you Marc, or the Tennyson Shield for Contribution to Partnerships (i.e. sterling work bridging the barriers between schools in different strata of society), or the Dick Hudson Cup for Outstanding Overall Contribution to School Life (i.e. making a tit of myself in the House play (<-- see avatar), making a tit of myself at the Slave Auction, Writing and Singing the Leavers' Anthem, Coaching Cricket, Refereeing Football, etc, etc).


International Coach
Oh dear, not sure whether I want to remember this.....:(

Our ex-school runs a slave auction where the sixth formers dress up as random characters from showbiz or whatever they choose, some pretty hot girls decided to do Moulin Rouge which was quite nice :D. Anyway, I digress. Then people from the younger years in school get to bid for the 6th Formers and if they get bought then the younger people have power (within reason) to do what they want with them. Tis a good laugh and the £800 (?) all goes to charity.


Neil decided that it'd be fun if he dressed up in (way to short) shorts and a fluorescent orange T-shirt and sell himself as Chris Evans with another lass as Billy Piper. He then proceeded to make a goon of himself by reading a take-the-p*ss love poem to her.

It was quite funny for Neil's standards!! :P

PS I was part of the Superheroes group but didn't feature in the photo. :D