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County Championship Draft


International Vice-Captain
Hello, an idea inspired from thoughts about how the County Championship could look if they threw money at it prior to the IPL.

I'm looking for 6 or more players to take part in a County Championship draft. Each player will choose to represent 1 of the 18 existing English/Welsh counties.

Rules are

* Each team can retain up to 2 players from their real-life squads prior to the draft.
* Each team must end the draft with at least 3 players that represent their county in real life.
* Each team must have at least 8 domestic players - players that currently play for any county and do not count as overseas.
* Each team can have a maximum of three overseas players - there are no restrictions on who these overseas players are.

Draft Order

* The draft order throughout this draft will be the same - the player representing the county with the fewest number of England Test caps amongst current players will be first in each round and county with most number of England Test caps amongst current players will be last in each round.

In the event of a tie with number of England caps those tied will alternate draft positions with each other in each round.

* All teams will feature in first rounds of the draft, if they retain players they will just reach 11 players quicker. In essence the decision is whether 1/2 retentions from your county are better than 10th/11th round picks from a wider pool.

I am going to enter but will pick my county last.

If you wish to enter let me know - along with the county you will represent.

If you have any questions please let me know.


International Vice-Captain
Will give just under 48 hours more before starting - in the meantime existing players and any players who wish to join can select the players (if any) that they wish to retain.


International Captain
I know with it being based on English County Championship may not attract as wide a pool but will tag those who are regular drafters - @Line and Length @Bitmap @trundler @Prince EWS @ataraxia @Teuton @honestbharani @Fuller Pilch @srbhkshk @SillyCowCorner1 @Himannv @CricAddict [USER=22541]@ankitj @GIMH

Also people who took place in a 2021 English First Class Season draft - @Kippax @HeathDavisSpeed
FYI I think the tags don't always work if you tag more than 5 people in a post. So folks might not have seen this.


Norwood's on Fire
Go on then. I'll take Lancs I guess. Hopefully Cheshire get FC status in a future expansion :)

@JOJOXI while you're here why not sign up for mafia?


International Captain
I don't know enough players either, but I guess I can just look up some stats.

Flexible on county, any div 1s not taken yet?

Yorks or Kent?
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International Vice-Captain
I could be Essex, but I’m on holiday at the moment and with only sporadic internet access.
@HeathDavisSpeed Not sure how sporadic you'll be. Didn't outline in opening post but will go with 10 hour timeouts - but if my next pick is after yours at a time that you are online I'm happy for you to PM me your next pick if that helps.

@weeman27bob @Pothas @Jarquis @GIMH @HeathDavisSpeed @Teuton - if you could let me know which players you would like to retain if any prior to the start of draft - happy to delay draft to later on Sunday UK time for people to get retentions in. RIS has PMed me his retentions - you can PM or post in here although all will be public in any case as draft commences.

@Teuton - both Yorkshire and Kent are available - in terms of other Div1 counties you've also got Surrey and than I guess Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire although perhaps less well known players than some of other Div1 counties. Nottinghamshire/Middlesex in Div2 with a few solid players too.

Weeman27bob = Worcestershire
Red_Ink_Squid = Warwickshire
Pothas = Hampshire
Jarquis = Somerset
GIMH = Lancashire
HeathDavisSpeed = Essex
Teuton = Yorkshire/Kent?

I won't definitively choose a side yet but I'm going to be Middlesex if no one picks Middlesex, Northants as a 2nd pick if Middlesex is picked.

Thanks for the invite, but I'm probably too busy in a bitter preselection fight right now to actually do it, unless we put it off a week. If you still have a spare spot when I know I have more time I'll take it.
Thanks for response, will probably start end of this weekend but if anything does change let me know.