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Bowling Action:Video Included


International Captain
My mate just wanted me to upload his video onto youtube and I thought I would help him out by putting it on here too. I don't really know to much about fast bowling so any tips would be helpful and I will get him to read this forum. The video is just of him running up of 4-5 steps because he just wanted to get his action looked at, I'll put his other clips up later.

YouTube - Bowling Action-5 Paces


You'll Never Walk Alone
Haha yeah, Jimmy Anderson/Chris Martin crossover.

Looks pretty good from that. :)


Cricketer Of The Year
Hard to see due to the view and quality of the video...the action looks pretty good but the jump looks ineffective. Rather like mine, it neither succeeds in jumping high (to climb into a really good position) nor forward (to gain momentum). The leg follow through is good but you might want to swing the bowling arm through harder (so it points upwards at its highest point after delivery) - incidentally, I have been trying to do this myself but cannot do it properly due to a shoulder injury sustained a few years back which has completely wrecked the strength and flexibility in my right arm (the non bowling arm, for me).