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Best moments of the games?


Hall of Fame Member
what are peoples favorite moments from the games?


no 1: Jane Savilles 20k walk

others: Kookaburra's, Hacketts gold, Henry's gold, Ryan Bailey and the rest of the track cycling team

from other countries - the kiwi mens triathalon, the womens pole vault, the egyptian wrestler.


International Debutant
Mine have been...

Ryan Baileys Sprint win (first gold) and the morrocan runners gold medal (El Garouj (sp?) )


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i believe its spelt Bayley.... he was awesome,
how can i go past the womens relay world record in the pool, any event libby gets a gold in is good IMO :D
Anna Meares gold medal was superb, i really think all our golds have been awesome.
The baseball and Softball sides also thumbs up for great silver medal efforts.
Biggest disapointment was the hockeyroos and the the olyroos. Losing to Iraq in the football was simply unacceptable....


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Have to go for Ulmer breaking her own WR by 4 seconds then by another 2 in the final.

Loved the triathlon, 2 medals for NZ and seeing how happy the Swiss guy was to get bronze, brilliant.

Also the Thorpe-van den Hoogenband-Phelps race and the men's 100m run were both brilliant.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Tom Halsey said:
Ooh, either Kelly's double or our first relay gold since 1912 which happened a few moments ago. :)

The last relay gold for Britain was, as you say, 1912. The last time we had an athlete (as in 'athletics') picking up two individual golds in the same Olympics was in 1920.

Typical. Near-unique British achievements in track and field are just like buses. You get none for over 80 years then two come along at once.

I nearly choked on my moussaka (home-made) when Kelly Holmes struck gold - then nearly spilt my cheesecake (home-made) when the relay squad finished first.

Amazing day.

Moussaka AND cheesecake.


Cricket Web Staff Member
Samuel_Vimes said:
No, it wouldn't. :p

86.50 *dances*
Great event. Did the Norwegian practice back home by throwing frozen swordfish?

<quack> I agree regarding it being a great event. Nearest thing we've got to the ultimate sport - LAWN DARTS!


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Mister Wright said:
Mens 4 x 400m Silver medal.
that was awesome, i cant believe they held on like that, one of the more "shock medals" of the olympics imo....

ash chaulk

International Captain
Aussie 400m relay
Roy and HG
Bayleys olympic diet of KFC and tim tams
Gayle Devers under the hurdles (i hate her)
Iran Weightlifter 105kg+
Iraq nearly winning a medal in football
Dreamteam not winning gold.