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Best and Worst Picks of the Round


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I was wondering who would pick AB. Would be much happier right now if I had gone Philander/Cummins R1 and AB R2. Oh well.


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I think I could have picked a better player by picking a bowler, but my first two picks were bowlers so hey


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I think Hope is a pretty poor one

No idea how Sanga will go in this, but I'm sure irl he'd still slot into any side in the world if he was to come out of retirement.


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I think Hope is a pretty poor one

No idea how Sanga will go in this, but I'm sure irl he'd still slot into any side in the world if he was to come out of retirement.
yeah had an amazing county season in 2017, with over 1000 runs averaging 100+

That was 2 years after he retired from test cricket.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
I'm gonna do a Best and Worst of each round. 3-2-1 style, with 3 being either the best or worst pick for the round. All of this is purely my opinion, I don't really expect anyone to agree with me entirely.

For bias reasons I won't consider any of my picks in the best.

Round 1:


3 - Vernon Philander. Still in the best 3-4 bowlers in the world, can bat. Very good business to see him slide to 10.
2 - Pat Cummins. As above. Slid a bit further but probably not as good as Vernon so only gets the 2.
1 - Steve Smith. 1 was a trickier one as the picks here were mostly standard or a bit early. I'm saying Smith as if not for the ban he probably goes #1. But really it's hard to give out the one vote this round.


3 - James Pattinson. If he was fit this would be fine, but as it is it's early. Reckon there were 7-8 better bowlers leftover and a few of them are at least as good with the bat too.
2 - Yasir Shah. I don't know if I see the value of a wrist-spinner being that much more significant than a finger-spinner and there were better options left with regards to the latter if you wanted a spinner Round 1.
1 - Jason Holder. Would be very justifiable in a bigger comp, but I simply feel he hasn't done enough with the ball outside of favourable conditions and batting-wise he's probably not a Top 6 batsmen here. He obviously won't be a no-rounder but he's not a good enough bowler for Round 1 and I don't think his batting is quite good enough to drag it over the line.

Round 2:


3 - AB de Villiers. Probably still amongst the best bats in the competition and taken at the end of the round. Huge boon.
2 - Ravindra Jadeja. Adds so much balance to the side. Can easily bat 6/7 and would be many sides best spinner.
1 - Ravi Ashwin. Like Jadeja but taken earlier and possibly a bit worse. Still a very sound option though.


3 - BJ Watling. Too soon, he's a nice player but there were better batsmen who can keep leftover and his keeping isn't quite good enough to justify taking him before them. Would probably have been available Round 4/5.
2 - Ross Taylor. Just think he hasn't done enough against quality opposition recently. He's a good player but I was thinking he could've held off a round.
1 - Tim Southee. Not a terrible pick, but the fact that he's missed out on selection in certain unfavourable conditions hurts his reputation a bit and he's probably not quite good enough with the bat to be conclusively a better pick than a few other bowlers that went later.

Round 3:


3 - Trent Boult. I found this round hard to do as there's no real steals here. Boult I simply think is a top-class bowler that deserved to go a bit earlier than what he did.
2 - Ben Stokes. He's a matchwinner, it's simple as that. I think he can win a couple of games on his own and that's a big win outside of Round 1.
1 - Morne Morkel. His form has simply been immense recently. Dominant.


3 - Quinton de Kock. Now this is interesting in that about 18 months ago this would've been a fine pick but his form has been largely turd since then. Obviously deserved to be picked but ahead of guys like Bairstow and Chandimal? I don't quite think so.
2 - Alastair Cook. Just hasn't looked right in the last couple of years. Admittedly the batting depth is very thin, but he doesn't really feel like a Round 3 pick anymore.
1 - Hashim Amla. Similar kind of logic to Cook, though maybe not quite to the same extent. Tough round though, no real shockers and no real steals.

Round 4:


3 - Jasprit Bumrah. Has just looked super dominant everywhere he's bowled at Test level. Definitely someone that could've gone much earlier even though he probably doesn't go at all a year earlier.
2 - Rangana Herath. Arguably the best spinner in the world before retiring, Round 4 for that is accordingly excellent value.
1 - Johnny Bairstow. Form has been a bit patchy lately, but he's someone that can easily handle batting 3-5 and also keeps wicket to boot. Hard to complain too much here.


3 - Prithvi Shaw. Just probably one CWPL too early for him. His stats are very good and he looks an insane talent, but there's not enough depth in them for him to be a top of Round 4 pick at this point.
2 - Henry Nicholls. This is probably harsh given how well he's batted lately but he just feels like a bit of a hack on a hot streak. Several better batsmen were leftover.
1 - Lungi Ngidi. Basically read Shaw. Very good prospect but still a bit too inexperienced to be going so early.


State Captain
Batting average of 23 and bowling average of 24 as a spinner in WI though. Not the strongest domestic comps, with spinners taking all the wickets at low averages - Miller averages like 16. And it's not like he's done really well in the last year or two either


International Coach
I think that a good average for a spinner.

Is the competition taking into account the strength of the batsmen he got his wickets against?.

Or the stats are face value only?


Not Terrible
No one quite knows how Cribb stats work but generally i think of it like

Away > Home
Spin in Australia stats > spin in bangladesh
Tests > A team > strong domestic cricket > weak domestic cricket

A south african that dominates franchise cricket is great, a south african that dominates their 3-day stuff is probably a spud. West Indies is some of the worst quality domestic stuff and its super spin friendly, so unless they are notably better than everyone else in the tournament, a wi spinner averaging 25 is probably going to be worse than an australian averaging 35 in domestic cricket.