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Australian test selection 2020/21


International Captain
Meredith is only a thing because Warne said so.

Cummins, Starc, Hazlewood, Pattinson, Neser definitely top 5 pacers above him
First half is wrong

Second half is right, although I would add Jhye Richardson if fit to that list

Meredith should definitely be a fair way off Test selection now, but I do believe he will be a better bowler longterm than a lot of the medium fast seamers who take a lot of Shield wickets in this era


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Wasn't it Warne who memed former international cricketer James Muirhead into being former international cricketer James Muirhead?


School Boy/Girl Captain
hate this for the reason langer rightly points out in that it'll compromise the integrity of the shield
Well i dont know whether its good for India or not,they will get some practice against reserve aussie bowlers but thats it.
Some match practice before the real event sounds cool but we all know that limited over performance dont help to prepare for the real event.


Global Moderator
Berry was one of Warne's main mentors, wasn't he?

EDIT: Ah he was the keeper and mate when he was playing for Victoria in the 90s. Close enough.

aussie tragic

International Captain
Only the following 12 players played the 5 Tests last season. Excluding these 12 players, who would you select for an 'Australia A' XII to challenge them this season?

Pattinson (2 tests)
Hazlewood (3 tests)


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Why the **** is Jhye Richardson perpetually injured? Bloke is supposed to be what Fleming could've been.


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Be great if he was fit for the Adelaide test, would hoop it around corners at night. Though tbf he probably wouldn’t get a start ahead of the incumbent three

aussie tragic

International Captain
Suggested Australia A XII

1. Bancroft
2. Maddinson
3. Khawaja (*)
4. Pucovski
5. Patterson
6. Green
7. Inglis (+)
8. Neser
9. J. Richardson
10. Swepson
11. Meredith
12. A. Agar