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Australian Domestic Season 2017/18


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Do 'Aaron Finch' and 'Good Captaincy' readily come to mind together? I know it's a completely different format, but he's been dire when he's captained T20 both in the BBL and internationals.

Prince EWS

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Only just noticed that Mitch Marsh had a bowl in the second dig. I didn't think he'd be bowling for another few weeks yet.


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He needs something to justify his inevitable selection ahead of Maxwell.

The only team to pick up a win in the latest round was Tassie. Who'd have thought?


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Only just noticed that Mitch Marsh had a bowl in the second dig. I didn't think he'd be bowling for another few weeks yet.
WA see out thrilling draw against Bulls | cricket.com.au

Behrendorff, who is nursing a back injury, didn't bowl on either Sunday or Monday. The 27-year-old is struggling with pain stemming from the scar tissue of an old stress fracture in his back. His absence meant Marsh made an unexpected return to competitive bowling. Marsh, who underwent a shoulder reconstruction in March, wasn't due to bowl competitively again until WA's next Shield match against Victoria. But with Behrendorff sidelined, Marsh stepped up to the plate and helped put the brakes on Queensland just as the visitors appeared set for victory.


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Only just noticed that Mitch Marsh had a bowl in the second dig. I didn't think he'd be bowling for another few weeks yet.
He bowled with good pace but everything was short (as planned). They had 7 guys on the boundary so lots of easy runs but he did well.


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Glad to see Heazlett back with QLD. Hoping his weight transference and shot selection around off is better. Truloff looked a bit out of his depth.


International Captain
Tom Cooper and Nick Maddison are in their respected sides,thought they would have been dropped by now.
Thought Tom Cooper would be on the plane to Holland again by now.8-)


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So to catch up on the last round of the shield two draws and the biggest surprise of the season to date Tassie won a game !

To be fair Tassie had it over the Vics only for the last day to rained out, so it was good see them continuing the form. The game followed the usual Tassie pattern batting first,a top order batting collapse, for them to then shoot out the opposition for even less. The startling change in the last two games they have been able to make runs in the second innings and put their opponents under some core board pressure. Lil Ricky Doran finally made a century for his adopted team. Bailey actually failed in the first innings but came good in the second. Bird and Bell did teh damage with the ball with some good support. For the Croweaters all their problems manifested themselves in one game The bowlers, sans Sayer, couldn't keep the opposition score down and the batting fell to pieces in both innings. Only Head and Ferguson making runs. And in a surprise Zampa got Michelle and took the most wickets in the game.

The other two games were draws but with vastly intent. The Bananabenders almost got home against the Sandgropers needing 12 off the last over they only managed 5. Almost even on the first innings WA declared at 8 down and Joe Burns and Labuschagne, along with Hemphery and Wildermuth almost got them there. Solid games by those 4, while the wickets were spread, Wildermuth having a good allround game. Interesting to note Swepson got 37 overs in the second dig for 4 wickets and his own century.
MMarsh and Turner got tons for WA, while Keely got a 5for in the second innings but their problem with the pace bowlers continued, the Dorf injured again.

The Vics had the better of the Bluebaggers but the last day plan by NSW to play for a draw was successful and resulted in one of the unusual days of cricket seen for a while with lefthand batsmen keeping away form the rampant Nedders Holland, a 5for in the first dig, Patterson hitting a solitary single and 15 fours in his 61 runs. It was a good plan and was well executed and saved the game for the top of the table NSW. Ed Cowan returned and made 72 for once out and was there at the end to save the game.
In other news Maxwell made the highest score so far this year with 278, Cameron White made 66 on his return to the team and Peter Siddle failed to take a wicket in the game.

The results have left NSW clear on top while Vic is on the bottom with 3 draws and a loss, tehr is not much between the rest and even the Vics could still make the final.

NSW Hughes 276,Smith 268
Qld Khawaja 347, Labuschagne 324
WA Bancroft 442, Marsh 321
SA Weatherald 453, Ferguson 437
Tas Doolan 333, Bailey 314
Vic Maxwell 494, Harris 324

For NSW Hughes is 13th on list.After Smith, Patterson is 20th with 221
Doolan made 15 this round
Maxwell has jumped to lead the aggregates
Despite Weatherald and Ferguson being 2nd and 4th on the list it hasn't resulted in wins for the Croweaters.

NSW Starc 17, Copeland 12
Qld Feldman 17,Neser 15
WA Richardson 15,Mackin 13
SA Mennie 16, Sayers 14
Tas Bird 18, Bell 15
Vic Tremain 19, Boland 19

The consistent Vic pair of Tremain and Bolly Boland are leading but again no wins for the Vics
Holland, last years leading spinner returned 7 wickets. The other returnee SOK got 3
Bird still up the despite missing a game
Fedman being consistent for Qld but Neser was injured
WA have the most promising pace attack on paper but just cant seem to keep them on the ground.
NSW have the anomalous situation, like their batting, Starc only playing 2 games is their leading wicket taker 4th overall. Next best is Copeland, 16th on the list.

Siddle 5@75, 140 overs,only Boland 151, and Mackin,150,have bowled more overs

Zampa 12 @35.6, Lyon 9@23.2, Swepson 9@39.7, Holland 7@14.7

The Vics now have the leading runscorer and the 2 leading wicket takersand ar ebottom of the table. just sayin'

Keepers, (catches, stumpings, runs,byes)
NSW Neville 17/-,111, 28b
Qld Pierson 11/-,74,13b
WA Bancroft 5/-, 442,7b , Inglis 10/-,123, 10b
SA Carey 12/-, 142, 12b
Vic Harper 10/1, 28, 6b, Gotch 6/-,1,13b
Tas Wade 18/-, 82, 15b

Inglis was the best scoring keeper with 107 in the game,overtaking Neville
Vics dropping Harper for Gotch hasn't worked he has done worse than his predecessor did.

Next round starts on Sunday

Vic vs WA at the MCG
Can Maxwell turn it on again, can the WA batsmen cope with the rampaging Nedders Holland, what will the Sandgropers bowling attack look like ?

NSW vs Tas at Bellrive

The apple eaters have the distinction of being the form team of the comp, can any of their batsmen support Bailey. Bird will be keen to press his claims for the test team. Will SOK be back to his best ? Can Ed Cowan lead the Blue baggers batting out of their slump.

Qld vs SA at Cairns

Looks like a battle between Qld's bowlers vs SA's batsmen.
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State Captain
Vics have dropped Siddle ( or is the Veggie man injured?)

Fawad and Christian back in, Gotch gets another game.

Agar and Stoney Stoinis back for the Sandgropers