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****atoos v West Robbham - Commentary


Hall of Fame Member
Good captaincy from Ritchie there. Can't even claim it was my idea. We had considered using an ear-piece to communicate, but I dropped it down the toilet during a Bog Break earlier.

Good stuff from Gerry Rafferty at the death - though have to admire Raghav's bowling there. How this man's place in the team was ever in question, I don't know.

Still don't think we've got enough runs to defend this one - will need some tight bowling from the spinners later on.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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5.1 Bichel to Mørk, 0 runs, Driven all along the ground and well fielded by Dauth in the covers. His prowess is renowned, so the batsmen think twice and don't take the single.
5.2 Bichel to Mørk, 2 runs, Tucked off the hips and very quick running for the first. It forced a misfield and they scampered a second.
5.3 Bichel to Mørk, 1 run, This time the fielder is sharper to it - Ritchie - and they only get the single.
5.4 Bichel to Read, OUT, Bichel gets another! Read avoids the run out, but falls to the hook shot. That short ball took him by surprise, but he took it on anyway. Ritchie judged the catch well in the deep.

BS Read c Ritchie b Bichel 12 (9)
Partnership 21 (BS Read 8, H Mørk 13)
Rabid Wolves 41/2 (5.4 overs)

DeSilva has been out of form in this tournament to date, but under pressure he'll be keen on a big innings.
5.5 Bichel to DeSilva, FOUR, Shot, boy! Full length and clobbered back past Bichel. All along the ground for four.
5.6 Bichel to DeSilva, FOUR, Another one! Not quite as full, but the same shot. DeSilva is a man on a mission.

End of over 6 (11 runs) - Rabid Wolves 49/3 (119 needed from 84 balls)
H Mørk 13* (12) AJ Bichel 2-0-16-2
MW DeSilva 8* (2)

Spin enters the attack in the form of Zac Ritchie...
6.1 Ritchie to Mørk, 2 runs, Sweep shot immediately and he collects 2 runs behind square.
6.2 Ritchie to Mørk, 2 runs, He went in front of square this time to get 2 more runs. Great batting.
6.3 Ritchie to Mørk, 1 run, And a third sweep in succession, but he picks out the man on the rope. Just the one run for his efforts.
6.4 Ritchie to DeSilva 1 run, He drops short, so DeSilva guided it to the right of short third man and took a quick run.
6.5 Ritchie to Mørk, 1 run, Down the track and he drove the ball to long-on for the easy run.
6.6 Ritchie to DeSilva, 1 run, Different man and same approach, as DeSilva found the long-on fielder. Easy runs in that over.

End of over 7 (8 runs) - Rabid Wolves 57/3 (111 needed from 78 balls)
H Mørk 19* (16) ZJ Ritchie 1-0-8-0
MW DeSilva 10* (4)

7.1 Bichel to DeSilva, SIX, BANG! That just strayed slightly onto middle stump and DeSilva flicked it up and over square leg. He's on a roll!
7.2 Bichel to DeSilva, FOUR, Delectable straight drive that Bichel couldn't cut off. Four runs!
7.3 Bichel to DeSilva, 2 runs, Driven again! Bichel got a hand on it this time and that stopped a boundary. They took two runs though.
7.4 Bichel to DeSilva, 0 runs, In the blockhole this time and dug out to the bowler. Death bowling in the 8th over. The joys of Twenty20 cricket!
7.5 Bichel to DeSilva, 0 runs, Good effort again by Bichel, but DeSilva drove it powerfully back. The ball hit the stumps and stopped a boundary.
7.6 Bichel to DeSilva, SIX, WOW! That one's out of the ground! Bichel couldn't get a third in the blockhole, and DeSilva got under it and thumped it over midwicket and into the streets.

End of over 8 (18 runs) - Rabid Wolves 75/3 (93 needed from 72 balls)
H Mørk 19* (16) AJ Bichel 3-0-34-2
MW DeSilva 28* (10)

8.1 Ritchie to Mørk, FOUR, Too short from Ritchie and he knew it. He let out a cry as Mørk shaped to cut it away behind point. Good shot.
8.2 Ritchie to Mørk, 2 runs, Not quite as short this time, but he tried to cut it and Dauth chased it down. Just 2.
8.3 Ritchie to Mørk, 1 run, Back to the sweep shot and a single for it.
8.4 Ritchie to DeSilva, FOUR, Down the track and lofted back overhead. Ritchie put up his hand after the ball was long past him. Two bounces and four.
8.5 Ritchie to DeSilva, SIX, Bigger this time! Much much bigger! Has he lost the ball this time? Oooh, it's bounced off the roof and back onto the field. What a shot!
8.6 Ritchie to DeSilva, 1 run, Down the track again, but just to milk a single to long-on.

End of over 9 (18 runs) - Rabid Wolves 93/3 (75 needed from 66 balls)
H Mørk 26* (19) ZJ Ritchie 2-0-26-0
MW DeSilva 39* (13)

The expensive Bichel is replaced by medium pacer David Kearsley. Someone needs to stem the flow of runs and there's no sign of Wright. He's off the field, but we're not sure why.
9.1 Kearsley to Mørk, 2 runs, Late cut straight away and they ran hard for a second.
9.2 Kearsley to Mørk, 2 runs, He goes for it again. Very good little innings here by Mørk. He's a true specialist.
9.3 Kearsley to Mørk, 1 run, And now the strike rotation with a lovely paddle sweep.
9.4 Kearsley to DeSilva, 0 runs, DeSilva went for a big drive and picked out cover. No chance of a run.
9.5 Kearsley to DeSilva, BEATEN!, That's some sharp bounce! Like Pollard earlier in the day, Kearsley got bounce from nowhere and beat DeSilva's prod.
9.6 Kearsley to DeSilva, 0 runs, Careful defensive prod this time.

End of over 10 (5 runs) - Rabid Wolves 98/3 (70 needed from 60 balls)
H Mørk 31* (22) DA Kearsley 1-0-5-0
MW DeSilva 39* (16)


Hall of Fame Member
A long way to go but this is looking good. Obviously could all change with a couple of wickets but these boys are batting well.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Weber into the attack now...
10.1 Weber to Mørk, 2 runs, Short and wide and the batsman didn't middle it. A bit of luck for Weber, as it's only 2 runs.
10.2 Weber to Mørk, 2 runs, Another long hop and Mørk looked for the pull shot but again didn't middle it. 2 more runs to his cause.
10.3 Weber to Mørk, 0 runs, Some spin there and it thuds into the pad. It pitched outside legstump, so Weber didn't appeal.
10.4 Weber to Mørk, 0 runs, Short and Mørk shaped for the cut but couldn't beat backward point.
10.5 Weber to Mørk, 2 runs, Mørk onto the sweep again. The ball sped away fine, but the fielder chased well and pulled it back to save 2 runs.
10.6 Weber to Mørk, BEATEN!, Beauty to finish! Some flight and turn and it beat Mørk's forward prod.

End of over 11 (6 runs) - Rabid Wolves 104/3 (64 needed from 54 balls)
H Mørk 37* (28) TV Weber 1-0-6-0
MW DeSilva 39* (16)

****atoos need a wicket, and Wright is back on the field. Here he is...
11.1 Wright to DeSilva, 2 runs, Flicked away nicely, but the deep midwicket comes around and keeps it to 2. Weber did well there.
11.2 Wright to DeSilva, BEATEN!, 92mph and past the outside edge. Good pace from Wright and the direction to cause problems.
11.3 Wright to DeSilva, FOUR, Where did that come from? A long hop outside the offstump and DeSilva rightly discarded it to the boundary.
11.4 Wright to DeSilva, BEATEN!, A real mixed bag from Wright, this. He came back with a quick offcutter that cut DeSilva in half. Intriguing contest.
11.5 Wright to DeSilva, 1 run, Tucked calmly behind square for 1.
11.6 Wright to Mørk, 1 run, Again on the legs and he collects a single.

End of over 12 (8 runs) - Rabid Wolves 112/2 (56 needed from 48 balls)
H Mørk 38* (29) KS Wright 2-0-12-1
MW DeSilva 46* (21)

12.1 Weber to Mørk, 0 runs, Some flight and turn by Weber and Mørk pokes back down the pitch.
12.2 Weber to Mørk, OUT, It pays off! Excellent bowling. Mørk tried to turn the ball to leg and just picked out short midwicket. Huge breakthrough.

H Mørk c Raftery b Weber 38 (31)
Partnership 81 (H Mørk 35, MW DeSilva 46)
Rabid Wolves 112/4 (12.2 overs)

And here's the in-form Morris...
12.3 Weber to Morris, 2 runs, Off the mark immediately with a busy flick for 2 runs.
12.4 Weber to Morris, 0 runs, Pushed back to the bowler. Good bowling.
12.5 Weber to Morris, 2 runs, He took a big stride there to play that sweep shot. Two more runs.
12.6 Weber to Morris, 1 run, And he will keep the strike with another legside shot. Just glanced that and sprinted a run.

End of over 13 (5 runs) - Rabid Wolves 117/4 (51 needed from 42 balls)
MW DeSilva 46* (21) TV Weber 2-0-11-1
SC Morris 5* (4)

13.1 Wright to Morris, SIX, That didn't take long! He just played a little pickup shot to a slight short ball and helped it over fine leg.
13.2 Wright to Morris, FOUR, A bit fuller but the same shot played and that flies away for another boundary!
13.3 Wright to Morris, 1 run, Morris moved deep in his crease and guided that one to third man for a single. Smart batting.
13.4 Wright to DeSilva, FOUR, That's his 50! And what a shot for it too! Full and looking for swing, but DeSilva just lofted it over mid-off for a boundary.
13.5 Wright to DeSilva, GONE!, Got'm! It was an easy catch for Dauth but DeSilva hit it hard. He cut the ball straight to Dauth at backward point. Another wicket for the fighting ****atoos.

MW DeSilva c Dauth b Wright 50 (23)
Partnership 20 (MW DeSilva 4, SC Morris 16)
Rabid Wolves 132/5 (13.5 overs)

Now the pressure is on, but Pollard is a big threat at this stage of the game.
13.6 Wright to Pollard, BEATEN!, He went for the big shot straight away but missed the ball entirely. Crucial dot ball to end an expensive over.

End of over 14 (15 runs) - Rabid Wolves 132/5 (36 needed from 36 balls)
SC Morris 16* (7) KS Wright 3-0-27-2
KA Pollard 0* (1)

14.1 Weber to Morris, 2 runs, Tossed up and driven down the ground. Kearsley got around in a flash to cut it off.
14.2 Weber to Morris, 0 runs, He was gearing up for a big shot, but backed out as Weber speared into legstump.
14.3 Weber to Morris, 0 runs, Flat and fast again and defended carefully.
14.4 Weber to Morris, 1 run, Down the ground for a single this time.
14.5 Weber to Pollard, BEATEN!, Another big swing and another miss. Pollard looking out of shape here.
14.6 Weber to Pollard, 0 runs, Pushed back to the bowler.

End of over 15 (3 runs) - Rabid Wolves 135/5 (36 needed from 36 balls)
SC Morris 19* (11) TV Weber 3-0-14-1
KA Pollard 0* (3)


International Debutant
Argh, what a horrible period. Game still in the balance. Wait for these last overs is going to be horrible.


Hall of Fame Member
Only a run a ball from here, should be easy for the Wolves.

Class bowling from Tarick and Kyle here though has brought us back into it. Go ****s!

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Kearsley is back for the expensive Wright.
16.1 Kearsley to Morris, 1 run, Pushed into the offside and they steal a single.
16.2 Kearsley to Pollard, FOUR, He finally got ahold of one and hit it over backward point for his first boundary.
16.3 Kearsley to Pollard, 0 runs, Pollard tried to repeat the shot but picked out backward point.
16.4 Kearsley to Pollard, BEATEN!, Ooooh! That was very close to the end, but Pollard survives.
16.5 Kearsley to Pollard, FOUR, Shot! Drived straight back down the ground and all along the ground for FOUR!
16.6 Kearsley to Pollard, 0 runs, He pulled out of a drive and adjusted with a defensive shot. Pollard doesn't look comfortable at all.

End of over 16 (9 runs) - Rabid Wolves 144/5 (27 needed from 30 balls)
SC Morris 20* (12) DA Kearsley 2-0-14-0
KA Pollard 8* (8)

Amazingly enough, Weber is out of the attack. And Ritchie is back. Strange tactics, these.
15.1 Ritchie to Morris, SIX, Morris goes big to greet the offspinner! That slog sweep was perfectly executed.
15.2 Ritchie to Morris, 0 runs, Blocked back to Ritchie.
15.3 Ritchie to Morris, 0 runs, Fired into legstump and blocked back down the pitch.
15.4 Ritchie to Morris, FOUR, Good shot. He gave himself room and lofted it just out of the reach of the cover fielder. It beat the man on the boundary. Rabid Wolves racing along.
15.5 Ritchie to Morris, 0 runs, Very flat and very little bounce. Ritchie defended it watchfully. Some inconsistent bounce that might be worrying, but for the length of the match.
15.6 Ritchie to Morris, 0 runs, And a good one to end the over. Morris flicked another flat ball to short midwicket. Fielded cleanly and no run.

End of over 17 (10 runs) - Rabid Wolves 154/5 (17 needed from 24 balls)
SC Morris 30* (18) ZJ Ritchie 3-0-36-0
KA Pollard 8* (8)


Hall of Fame Member
I'm not sure what's happened with the over count there, but it seems all too academic. The equation is far too in the Wolves favour from here.