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Anyone else just hate NZ culture?


Cricketer Of The Year
May as well ask here,

What is Rugby world cup champion winners NZ opinion on Kimbra?:)


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Ha, well done me, did not know Lorde was NZ, tried to avoid her tbh as I found "Royals" boring as hell.
After hearing about 10 of her songs and hating all of them I landed on Buzzcut Season and it's amazing.


U19 Captain
I love the haka. I think we should ditch our national anthem and do the haka twice.
Anyone that doesn't like the haka is generally a boring or an overly psychotic person. Anecdotal evidence but 100% right.


Cricket Spectator
The New Zealander are a wonderful culture of people.they have a very small population and yet they have a top class sporting section ,they are world class in many sports including,Rugby (both codes),cycling,Hockey (men & women) swimming,& womens netball,cricket, ....per capita they are one of the strongest sporting nations in the world,just about equal with Australia.



i have nfi who this lurker is but phrases like "The New Zealander" to describe 4 million people and that glorious sig mean i like him and think he should stay