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Ajmal vs Saqlain

The better spinner of the two

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The Tiger King
Both performed admirably in the initial years of their careers (Ajmal is still quite new and might have a few years left in him).

Who would you rate the better spinner of the two?


International Debutant
He obviously didn't "perform admirably during the initial years of his career" if it took until the age of 31 to be selected.


It might just be a rose tint to my rear view mirror, but I can never recall being particularly concerned about the legality of Saqlain's Doosra. He might be the only bowler who actually didn't throw the delivery.

I daren't go to YouTube to check now in case my childhood illusion is shattered.

Anyway, Saqlain by a bit, for me.


U19 12th Man
Saqlain in ODI by fair distance and I don't see Ajmal overtaking him
In test, its Saqlain as of now but Ajmal might be able to overtake him

Overall Saqlain

Bonnie Prince C

U19 12th Man
I still don't agree that Ajmal doesn't throw the ball, so I will definitely vote Saqlain. Although aside from the action I would still put Saqlain first.