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Academy Levels?


International Vice-Captain
Mine are:
Senior Academy: satisfactory
Youth Academy: reasonable

I am trying to get YA up good although.


State 12th Man
Mine are both good at the moment, senior was excellent before but plopped a while ago. It should be popping again in week or two.


International Regular
Senior Academy: reasonable Your academy investment last week resulted in an improvement in your academy condition
Youth Academy: superior Your academy investment last week resulted in an improvement in your academy condition

Scaly piscine

Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Both excellent, would imagine they'll both pop to superior soon as I've been investing 3x the average for quite a while. The average itself has gone down a lot recently while my invested amount stayed constant, so that should hasten proceedings.


Not Terrible
Into my 3rd season now and only really have started to get the money to invest in them, both reasonable with youth academy popping today.


International Debutant
Both good, made some decent money in the TM couple of weeks ago so Senior is on improving+ and should hopefully pop soon. fine with yoof where it is at the moment, with a good mix of players a few seasons ago my youth team managed to peak at 6th rated in the Windies so I don't really see the need to take it any further just yet.