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A theory

cover drive man

International Captain
Like I've said before twenty-twenty cricket isn't taken as serious as it could be. Top teams like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England etc could decide to rest there top players because they don't take the twenty twenty seriously. With this rejection of Twenty-Twenty could give little teams like Kenya and Bangladesh a half-decent chance of glory. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Kenya lifting the trophy. What are your thoughts.


Hall of Fame Member
Lay off him Kev, he's only little. :p

I actually think the majority of teams will take this tournament at least fairly seriously. Which means Australia will win it. :(
Teams will take it seriously and like you, I think Aus will certainly be favourites. I give SA a good chance as well. Cant see passed those 2 though.

Maybe Kenya 3rd favs :laugh:


Hall of Fame Member
The first question you have to ask even if sides send 2nd string sides (which i don't think will happen) is whether Kenya are suited to Twenty20 cricket. Most of their bowlers will still be cannon folder to fringe international batsmen. And outside Tikolo a lot of their top batsmen score slowy, Shah not the most aggresive batsmen ever. Bangladesh in theory would be more suited to Twenty20, with the attacking natural of their batsmen and their spinner heavy attack.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
These minnows will get blasted off the park I think, the don't have the dynamic ability to play Twenty20 cricket, with the exception of a few.


State Vice-Captain
Bangladesh could spring the odd surprise I think. Not that they should really be classed as minnows anymore. I can just imagine Tamim Iqbal tucking into the bowling and smacking a quickfire century on a good day.


State Regular
The Aussies will take a top side over. The players enjoy it too much. Aussies grow up with shorter games i.e. 30 over a side morning comps

Poker Boy

State Vice-Captain
Actually i wouldn't be surprised if Australia sent their best team anyway. They might have rested players for their home 20/20 internationals but they were in the middle of busy seasons whereas this time most of their players won't have played much since WC and will be fresh and ready and keen to play. Besides Australians just want to win everything anyway.


Global Moderator
We'll send a team over with three or four big names missing, and go through undefeated. Remember, you heard it here first! :thumbsup:


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Good point.
But suppose if you'e watching a test and the batters aren't playing decant shots and are just keeping their Wickets.
Then it becomes enjoyable to watch the bowlers try every trick in their book in an attempt to dismiss the batsman.


International 12th Man
i dont see any of the minnows winning it TBH...but i wont be too suprised to see a few upsets again. Of all the minnows...bangladesh and ireland will fair well IMO..the rest will be blown away too easily.