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a late posting

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Sriram k

Total Cricket Moderator
Mumbai team (ok just past the deadline if ignored then Ill accept it!!) :

T Darden (Captain)
S Graham
H Francis
M Banes
A Muzumdar
J Paranjpe (wk)
S Tendulkar
J Troughton
D Eisturb
S Akhtar
W Younis



International Captain
marc71178 said:
Late = Late.

A Deadline is a deadline.

This thread is closed.
But Rich opens it to say, is that not the second strike? - If so Mumbai don't know this but all the players are joining Kent :D, to help our quest to win everything (or just one will do :saint: )

Or is Blewy in a good mood when he reads this, who knows but the man himself, over to you Sir :)


Cricketer Of The Year
Ok i am considering the fact that there was a claim of a power failure, At this stage the games will be run as normal but a official decision will be made shortly....
Not open for further replies.