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3rd thread - Ashes predictions


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If their fifth bowler has worked through almost 30 overs I'll be happy tbf.
He'll go at 4.5 an over and Patto will get injured. Green wicket so Lyon won't have a bowl.

England 280 all out.

You'll still be happy with that tbf.


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I have a strong feeling that Root will pile on the runs in the next test. You can tell he has the bit between his teeth now and wants to prove the doubters wrong.

That said Smith will probably score another pair of tons so.
How can you tell that from his demeanour? He always looks like he’s about to cry to me

aussie tragic

International Vice-Captain
How are everyone's early predictions going?

Series 1-1-1

Most Runs
1. Smith 378
2. Stokes 327
3. Burns 242
4. Labuschagne 213
5. Root 176

Most Wickets
1. Cummins 17
=2. Broad 14
=2. Lyon 14
4. Archer 13
5. Hazlewood 12

Dropped Players
Ali, Bancroft, Siddle, Pattinson, Khawaja


International Captain
2-1 Australia
Most runs Steve Smith (Australia), Woakes (England)
Most wickets: Cummins ties with Hazlewood (Australia), Woakes
Dropped Bancroft, Burns, Broad, Moeen Ali,
Bold prediction: Australia win at Edgbaston and lose at Lords
Worst poster: The Ashes brings out the worst in all of us
Let's see where I stand after all is said and done.

Dead rubber loss soiled my series prediction, Smith was obvious but man did I have hopes on Woakes being the hero Stokes ended up being. Cummins topped the wicket-takers, pity Hazlewood didn't play enough to join him. Burns wasm't picked to begin with so he couldn't be dropped. Broad proved more ageless than I thought he would, so I get 50% with Bancroft and Ali. My Bold Prediction got ruined by rain at Lords, and except for a few bans, my last prediction didn't work out


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Australia 3-2
Most runs : Smith
Most wickets : Anderson

Broad to have a poor series and Root a generally disappointing one with a century in the 5th match (dead rubber).
Got the Broad and Anderson ones completely wrong, not too bad aside from that.


Global Moderator
Scoreline: 2-2
Good start.

Most runs: Warner
L.O.L. Tried to be too clever.

Most wickets: Anderson & Cummins
Not a particularly tough guess with Cummins. Anderson probably would've been a few off him even if he'd played the whole series.

Surprise package: Moeen. Kinda nabbed from MW. His reputation feels like it's at an all time low but he rarely fails to do well in England.
Well. Didn't seem fully fit for the first test where he was terrible with the ball. Would probably get out to Lyon on Mars with hindsight so I don't know why I was expecting him to get more runs.

Disappointments: Patto. Bit of a punt in the dark, and definitely hope to be wrong, but it just feels like there's a lot of expectations on a guy who hasn't played a test in over three years (as someone who hasn't been following the build up till the last couple of weeks I was a bit surprised). Could easily see him failing to live up to expectations and getting dropped for whoever of Haze/Starc is left out, or just breaking down.
Will take this. Though I think he actually bowled quite well, his actual impact on the series was a lot more meh than most were expecting. Fact he was only picked for two tests either speaks volumes about his physical vulnerability or simply shows he's lower in the pecking order than people might have though.


International Captain
Score: 2-2 [We're due a drawn Ashes series, been ages]
Most wickets: Anderson, Cummins
Most runs: Stokes, Warner
Surprise package(s): Moeen to bat well, save us on a few occasions; Loosechange to make runs
Disappointments: Stokes with the ball, Buttler with the bat; Khawaja in general
Probably the best predictions I've ever made, although the ones I got wrong I got really, really wrong. Jimmy's injury covers me for that one though, I'll claim.


International Coach
Ah **** it

Score: 3-1 England
Most Runs: Root (Eng), Smith (Aus)
Most Wickets: Anderson (Eng), Cummins (Aus)
Days of play affected by rain: 7
Aus' lowest score (±10): 100
Dropped players: Roy (if plays), Eng's no. three (Denly?), whichever of Harris and Burns starts, and Khawaja if fit and plays
Other: Starc to still not strike a length and take wickets in England, Broad to finally be demoted to first change
Worst poster: got two in mind so far, names withheld to protect the gutless (i.e. me)
No, Yes
No, Yes
Yes, No, Should've waited till the squads were up, Yes
Didn't play enough to find out, No
No (it was flibberty by a country mile)


Usual crappy standard maintained.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
3-2 England
Most runs: Smith, Root
Most wickets: Cummins, Anderson
Dropped players: Denly, Harris/Burns (whichever one starts), Hazlewood, Khawaja
Bold prediction: Series goes to the final day
Scoreline: Might have happened but for rain
Runs: Smith was the obvious call. Root was a fair way behind.
Wickets: Cummins the obvious call. Anderson might've been there if not for injury.
Dropped players: Khawaja tick. I'll claim the "second opener for Australia gets dropped" too. Hazlewood got omitted for the First Test despite probably being best XI...so kind of? Denly no.
Bold prediction: Pretty close actually in the end. Australia just needed to survive a few more overs tonight for me to claim it.

Not terrible I guess.
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