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34th Match - West Indies v India

Who will win the match?

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International Coach
There's got to be a couple of youngish guys beasting it in List A cricket, right? I don't follow it, but Jadhav/Shankar/Karthik/Rayudu is an awful set of options to have ended up with for the World Cup.
Jadhav is fine. He is the guy who can navigate an 80 off 60 kind of chase.


Hall of Fame Member
Sub in Tendulkar, Yuvi and Kapil for Rahul, Shankar and Hardik and this becomes India's greatest ever ODI team.

No stopping em.


Global Moderator
Yeah, wouldn’t consider dropping Shami atm.

I do wonder if hypothetically in a cold night in stoke situation, on a juicy English green, with overcast conditions, Bhuvi could break a game on his own in his first spell, in a way that the others might not be able to quite in the same way, That’s a bunch of factors that are probably not going to come together in 2019 England though.


International Regular
For us, there are close to no batting positives. I thought Ambris did ok. He isn't the prettiest but he gets runs and usually at a good strike rate. These were excellent bowlers in tricky conditions and he looked ok.

Kemar Roach was brilliant with a test match line and length. He has added much needed common sense to the bowling. Holder was excellent also.

I think we can only go so far as a bowling unit without a spinner worthy of the title. India's variations overwhelmed our batting lineup and we just don't have that in our arsenal at the moment.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Jadhav has to do a LOT more in this WC than what he's done so far to even be considered a valuable part of this current XI.

For all the correct theorizing about DK's technical drawbacks, he really needs to come in to the side. Pant is not ready. Shankar is obviously not good enough.


U19 12th Man
India's bowling so OP. The batting just needs to put 250 on the board really, these guys will do the rest.

Solid knock by MSD too, that missed stumping off Fabian was lolz

As much as I love the banging VJ Shankar song the Bharat Army has come up with (https://www.facebook.com/cricketworldcup/videos/1361873617297574/), I reckon he should be dropped for Dinesh Karthik or Pant. He's not bowling, not that much better a batsman, and is clearly out of touch.

India locked in for the Semis now. Time to drop a game to BD before smashing England and SL plz thanks
I would gladly want India to lose to BD if BD promise to beat Pakistan lol


Global Moderator
That’s great to know about Bumrah guys.

Haven’t watched much cricket for a while and just the way he is bowling and the adaptability seemed to ooze cross platform quality.


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I would gladly want India to lose to BD if BD promise to beat Pakistan lol
Haha. It would be very cruel if they beat us in a knockout game once again after getting smacked in a group match. Then again, I guess 7-0 (12-0) has been pretty cruel for them as well LOL so we're bound to lose to them some time.


International Regular
I think the best way to bring back Bhuvi to the team is to have Shankar replaced by him at no.4. He wouldn't do any worse than the 3D guy and will add a lot to the bowling.

Might sound a joke but give it a thought.


School Boy/Girl Captain
The career averages of leading indian bowlers after this match.

Bumrah : 22.11
Kuldeep : 23.06
Chahal : 24.54
Shami : 24.85

Who would have thought a few years back that there would be 4 indian bowlers with career averages less than 25.


International Coach
I didn't watch large part of the game but some call outs:

- Kohli really plays on a different plane
- Shankar at #4 is a cruel joke
- India would have been worse off without Dhoni perhaps
- Shami can't be dropped for Bhuvi as harsh as it may be
- Our spinners are such a great weapon


School Boy/Girl Captain
I do want India to lose one match before semis please. Don't want to see them going overconfident.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Kuldeep should be replaced by Bhuvi, very little doubt imo. Will make the attack stronger, given current form. Plus deeper batting which is badly required.