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32nd Match - England v Australia

Who will win the match?

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International Captain
Should be a cracker. England desperate to put SL behind them and Aus desperate to secure their semi birth with games in hand.

Not to mention the traditional rivalry. Bring it on, ladies!


Cricketer Of The Year
Huge game, the biggest of the tournament imo. Hoping for a pitch with a bit in it, show these techniqueless wonders in their powder blue shirts up.

Once again, I would strongly consider playing Lyon


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An Australian win would twist the knife in England a little bit. But I expect England to bounce back hard and win this one.


likes this
I for one can't wait to see this thread become a pit full of vile comments, insults, personal attacks and racism. English and Australian posters never fail to drag CW down to new depths. It should be awesome.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
It's an important match for England - art last moreso than Australia. If Australia win England won't make the semis - the wheels will come off and they'll lose to India and NZ as well.


Cricket Web: All-Time Legend
Same thing, different dress. Not better, by any means.

This game should be a cracker. Though I look at that Aus team and see so many flaws that I can't see them winning the crunch games. But, who knows.
I think its a bit different... All 4 of my grandparents have British background - bit different to race based banter which I don't participate in. We have essentially the same culture so mocking over the very minor differences(bad weather, tea and crumpets, dickhead cricketers) is far less venomous than ***** is making it seem

And I'm aware we possess the dickhead cricketers
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aussie tragic

International Captain
My GGG Grandfather sailed from Eng to Aus in 1858 as a 16 year old ( so not a convict) and my Mums Grandfather knocked up some english lass in Eng during WW1, so my Grandfather was born in England....I think this means it's not racist if I hang **** on the English this game *****?