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2023–24 NZ women's summer

The Hutt Rec

International Vice-Captain
Watching the replay on tvnz I think she did run the first quite fast, but then grounded her bat short (or thought she did, anyway - looks like she might have actually got it in on first go) and had to go back and tap her bat again. That slowed her down massively.


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How far away are we from seeing Downes debut for the Ferns, do we reckon?

Neil Young

State Vice-Captain
Who's going to keep for the White Ferns? Izzy Gaze's highest score in 10 innings is 11. The rest are single figures. She's young but, heck, she don't score many. Not sure of alternatives, though.


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Bernadine Bezuidenhout is the incumbent - not sure why she hasn't played in the Super Smash.

straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Turns out Magicians vs Blaze is on ESPN+. Wellington choking Canterbury with slow bowlers, Mackay only 9 from 22.

And Kerr gets another...
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straw man

Hall of Fame Member
Dean was ok initially at providing some impetus, though now struggling too.

Anyway too easy for Wellington.


International Coach
Eh I don't think Mackay's knock was too bad; the averages of the rest of the lineup don't make for pretty reading.

Devine's Super Smash record wtf. Can she score a 100 today?