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Thread: Warm-Ups/Friendlies

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    Pre-comp Warm-ups

    In order for captains to get used to team instructions, try different team selections and see everyone in action before the start-

    Rabid Wolves would like to extend the invitation to other teams to play a friendly.

    Liam, will it be possible for Wovles to play a friendly games against others?
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    Believe there may be some friendlies against non-CW sides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnanden View Post
    Believe there may be some friendlies against non-CW sides.
    That would be great

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    Considering inviting the Stanford T20 finalists and a couple of British teams. More word soon.
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    Yeah would be good to play the Stanford teams, enjoyed watching that comp.

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    Great entertainment instore
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