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  • exam was this morning. i just decided to **** that topic off. luckily it was not in there.
    If you get bored today I actually have a stats/drug mixing question i cannot for the life of me work out :P
    Yeah, that's a pretty impressive profile. From my understanding Science is definitely one of our better areas, yeah. Probably alongside psychology as well.
    I'd feel sorry if you were. Strikes me as a bit of a fruit loop. An intelligent fruit loop, in fairness.

    And yeah, it's nice - shame that the undergrad teaching staff (at least in my areas) seem to be a little bit ****, and spend most of their days working out how to justify going on strike. Is postgrad highly regarded over here?
    Don't worry all you'll get from me is rubbish retweets and sucking up to my favourite sportsmen
    thanks for the follow lid, changed my account way back because i followed too many randoms on my old one when doing a twitter demo in work (we used it in my old place for marketing before it was cool, I'm a pioneer)
    All right, as long as you're happy with 20 bucks you're on, do I just pay the full $15 for the second album and $5 for the first one over on bandcamp then?

    Tomorrow I'll head down to the supermarket and pick up a pre-paid mastercard and I'll pay tomorrow (and I'll send an email tonight).
    Hey, thinking of buying both your albums from the Colourphonics, you don't have any tangible copies of the first album though do you?
    I want to get a ute. I don't know what type yet. Being an "unemployed" student I've been doing a bit of cash work* painting/building/fixing stuff and never have enough space. Plus I've also just wanted a ute forever. Handy in cricket season too.

    What uni do you work at?

    *don't tell the government.
    "We're sorry, but we can't locate the page you requested. "

    The main argument I hear is that "The adverse effects of Flourine are cumilative".
    Those big bands, always trying to get the little man down!

    By the way, no idea if you know much about it but what would be some recommended reading on water flouridation? The family has suddenly gone rather staunchly against it and it might be good to be a bit more clued up about the subject.
    Hey T_C, I just opened an old email ID of mine after ageess and realized you sent me a reasoned out mail asking a few questions about the music industry in India two years ago which I hadn't ever seen because I quit using the address due to some dodgy security problems.

    You've probably forgotten about it but I'm sorry, yeah? :p Basically what I'm saying is it was gross negligence and not intentional avoidance.
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