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Shady Slim
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  • 1/ The size of the bat I assume? If you choose 'senior english willow bats' on the menu on the left hand side, I would assume they are all short-handle. Likewise 'long handle' on the left hand menu i believe would be a standard aus long handle. I have just emailed them with questions before and they have replied pretty quickly and been helpful
    2/ You can go the checkout and test, but when I have bought stuff (mostly batting gloves) it was v cheap. Bats might be more expensive.
    3/ Don't know - I haven't bought a bat in years and years
    4/ The prices on there every time I've bought anything have just been super low - I don't know if they do sales

    As I said, just email the help address - I've only used the site a couple of times but it was super easy.
    Dude you have to begin posting which players have been picked in previous rounds now. Cheers :)
    If you want to be on the show, add me on Skype and I can call you when we make the test broadcast. It'll be for the IPL opener tomorrow night.
    We're starting to get CW Commentary together. Are you still interested in being involved?
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