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  • Ended up going with an option on Melbourne St, pretty close to the ground too. Probably overpaid a little, but hey, YOLO right?
    Now that you mention it, I do vaguely recall you mentioning that you'd moved. I'd be there for the 27th and 28th of November (Days 1 and 2 of the D/N Test). Just me, would probably prefer an actual hotel to 'airbnb' though. Happy to stay anywhere in the city region, preferably not right down on South Terrace but I'll take what recommendations I can get!

    If you decide to go back for it, I'll gladly buy you a beer.
    Hey, I'm considering making the trek to Adelaide for the Day/Night Test. Just thought I'd ask if you knew of any decent places to stay in the area that don't break the bank?
    Well I've just seen this And it looks like the 20 is up. A big ?? to Prince EWS
    I think it's best for mankind that he doesn't

    If he doesn't show up in an hour I will be happy to start a thread questioning his existence
    Haha, 'cult meeting' is just what I call it when I meet other libertarians because my friends think it's a cult, but yes I am srs. It won't take long anyway :P
    I have a cult meeting on Friday but it shouldn't go for long so I'll be free for most of the day. Keen.
    I have an account but I rarely ever use it. Feel free to add me though because I might start tweeting properly eventually; I think I'm @PrinceCribbage

    Would usually be very keen on the pint but at risk of coming across soft as butter I'm actually wayyyy too hungover today. Are you here/free other days or just today?
    My strategy is always just to estimate the probability of everything and compare it to the odds. People are always so devo when they hear that as the expect some genius system but yeah.

    World Cups are good for bets on minnows. Not so much to win matches (although that won me my first massive profit in 2007) but in terms of who the bookies think are best minnow players. Always great value in the top run scorer and top wicket taker markets if you've seen these minnows play a lot as the blokes setting the odds usually haven't and go purely on career stats and warmup games.
    Finished true detective btw. Thanks for the recommendation. Outstanding.
    Downloading the lot now. Will probably save them for the drives to work next week
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