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  • Plane had ditched it by the time I flew home which scuppered my plans greatly but well worth it for all the **** tbf
    Started true detective again from the start via lovefilm (disc delivery). Lots of nude scenes that were cut from the plane version. Episodes I hadn't watched before were amazing. Two left, likely won't see them for a week or so and can't ****ing wait. What a show.
    Plymouth. Hardly the heart of the UK but everywhere is spitting distance over here compared to with you. We were runners up in the Devon Prem last year, so a decent side and Devon won the Minor Counties OD trophy so it's a decent standard nationally too.
    Know any first grade batsmen who can bowl a bit of spin that fancy a season in the UK pal?
    The only thing is that because it's not on Netflix I either have to wait until 7 weeks from now and my flight home to watch the rest, or find another way (only got iPhone/iPad of my own with me which limits me obviously)
    Watched the first half of the True Detective series the other day, on the plane, on your recommendation

    ****ing top aye
    Haha, you're welcome

    I read some gun posts on the mobile site so couldn't like them and decided to leave you a VM praising them instead. Then I couldn't decide what to say so...
    Surprised you didn't miss my point given how many ****ing typos I made in that reply, including entirely missing words, but yeah.

    And Borgas did average more than 20 in his prime tbf. Somehow.
    Lets say you think that if WG Grace in his prime was sent through a time machine and played a season of First Class cricket, he'd average <20 with the bat. No, actually - let us for argument's sake say that was actually an undeniable fact.

    If you think that means Cameron Borgas should be regarded a better batsman than him because, given the advances in sport over time, he's better in an empirical, absolute sense of skill, then I think that's crap. The example I often use is the Year 10 science student who probably knows more about science than Aristotle -- that does not make the Year 10 science student a better scientist.

    I believe in skill relativism -- that a player's historical standing should be determined by how good he was relative to the standards of his time, not how skilful he was in an absolute sense.
    should be a royal commission into the price of uni textbooks imo. i'll let you know in the future when i eventually sign up
    unfortunately not mate, though i should probably sign up when i go back to uni
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