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Recent content by open365

  1. open365

    ***Official*** Spot-Fixing Scandal

    YouTube - World Snooker Champion John Higgins Bribe Scandal Higgin's 'defense', if you can call it that, is that he was trying to catch the fixer in the act before going to the authorities with hard evidence.
  2. open365

    ***Official*** Spot-Fixing Scandal

    Yeah, I think the possibility of a 'Higgins defense' has passed them by at this stage.
  3. open365

    KP dropped ; vents anger on twitter

    This. It makes me think a whole lot less of him, both for his reaction, and the astonishing lack of sense to post his reaction on twitter.
  4. open365

    ***Official*** Spot-Fixing Scandal

    I've read a fair few article on the subject now, as well as the first 10 pages of this thread but I'm still confused about something. Asif and Aamer involved, easy to understand, they can bowl no balls on request. Butt involved, slightly less clear how he's involved (and in my view more...
  5. open365

    We won the ****ign ashes

    **** all you Australian people. We won the ****ing ashes. THE ****ING ASHES PUT THAT IN YOURT PIKE AND SMOKE IT
  6. open365

    Whats do people think is the maximum age to join a cricket team

    Wow I was expecting this thread to be about a 79 year old with a sudden desire to play cricket, not someone in their teens. No problem with starting at your age at all, Michael Vaughan only started playing when he was 15
  7. open365

    ***Official*** English Domestic Season 2008

    Yeh Because Yorkshire suck
  8. open365

    Doping scandal in IPL

    'I'm gonna be really shocked and suprised if they catch me a second time'
  9. open365

    ***Official*** English Domestic Season 2008

    ECB can burn in hell, Old Trafford is ten times more exciting the lords and the oval
  10. open365

    ***Official*** English Domestic Season 2008

  11. open365

    Doping scandal in IPL

    I would say nice prediction, but I imagine prett much everyone assumed this anyway LOL
  12. open365

    Spin coaches in Liverpool

    From my semi extensive cricketing career in Liverpool, I have never come across a spin coach before
  13. open365

    *Official* 2008 Tour de France Thread

    Great ride from Schleck today, is he a serious contender for the tour now that valverde's out of it?
  14. open365

    ***Official*** South Africa in England

    LOL @ Even considering not to enforce the follow on
  15. open365

    England whinge about India tour itineray

    The BCCI can basically bitch slap anyone into agreeing to whatever they want to happen, the spineless ECB is no exception.