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  • Might not have access to the internet this weekend so if my turn comes up in the draft could I try and get (in this order): Andriy Shevchenko, Mikel Silvestre, Jose Bosingwa.
    JoeCole please Nnanden!! I had Sunday morning commitments so was unable to log on until the afternoon. I'm sure you sometimes have places to be on Sunday mornings :( :)
    alright mate didn't want to seem like a prick correcting you in the thread but seeing as he's the best player ever ever ever ever...it's Koumas not Coumas :)
    Sorry didn't look at the list hard enough...obviously take out Ferdinand and Tevez and I'll add on the end Paul Scholes and Kolo Toure.
    Hey Nnanden, I'm out of town this weekend so if my turn comes around in the Premier League draft, just use the same remaining order that I had in round two (Michael Ballack then Rio Ferdinand then Carlos Tevez then Dirk Kuyt) and I'll add Ryan Giggs as the fifth on my list.
    he's a douche

    and lol @ toys/pram, you need to spend longer in dev league, it's a soap opera on purpose, it would just be text cricket over the internet otherwise, and that's pathetically sad
    Yeah, a little annoying/frustrating/ridiculous that I can't play in the CL because he threatened to throw his toys out of the pram. Especially when I've not done anything as far as I know. All good though.
    Heh, only to people I like :) You're very welcome to come see the dogs if you do manage to get down here, let me know if you need any help with info.
    Haha it probably will be Anglo-heavy again, tbf I had Bevan & Pollock last time though. Pretty sure I actually picked Broad last time, either ahead of my time or an idiot, take your pick ;)
    Ah and there was me thinking you had just blocked me, lulz, how come you deleted it, just had enough of it?

    also any chance of a sim or something at the end of this odi draft, ill help out if you're up for it
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